Marvel Fan Gets Invited To ‘Avengers 4’ Premiere After Watching ‘Infinity War’ 44 Times

There are Marvel fans, and then there are Marvel fanatics. That’s exactly what YouTuber Tony “Nem” Mitchell is, as he currently has seen Avengers: Infinity War 44 times in the theater. According to Polygon, Mitchell just recently screened the movie for the 44th time and was preparing to see it again very shortly. The outlet reported Mitchell has tried to see the movie every single day since its release, which has been out a total of 44 days at the time of this publication.

Mitchell wants to aid in Infinity War crossing the $2 billion mark at the box office; it currently sits at $1.971 billion and is predicted to pass into $2 billion this weekend. The popular YouTuber wants to support the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and the amazing cast of actors for all their hard work in producing one of the biggest movies of all time.

“I grew up watching the animated X-Men series and thinking, ‘Man, how cool would it be if we had something like that in movies. Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers and Marvel gave that to us. I see it as a redemption point for all of us fans.”

According to Mitchell, he has been a Marvel fan since long before the MCU existed, and even before the X-Men franchise blew up in the box office back in 2000. The Marvel fanatic feels he owes it to the people who helped bring his biggest obsession to life.

“I remember reading The Infinity Gauntlet, and then screaming in the theater when Thanos appeared in the post-credits scenes of The Avengers. I’ve been waiting for this since 2012, so I’m going to do what I can to support it,” he explained.

A Marvel fan page on Facebook shared the news of Mitchell’s incessant Infinity War viewings, which prompted many fans to share how frequently they had also seen the film in theaters. Some fans swore they had seen it well over 44 times, which would mean they, on averag,e saw it more than once a day since its release. Others admitted to seeing it to just three to four times.

Polygon later reported that Mitchell was offered 50 free tickets to continue on seeing Avengers: Infinity War and that the Russo brothers also offered their number one fan a ticket to the Avengers 4 premiere, which debuts on May 3, 2019. Mitchell confirmed the news on his Twitter feed yesterday and announced he would, in fact, be making it to the Avengers 4 premiere.

Mitchell currently boasts over 356,000 subscribers on YouTube and discusses much more than just Marvel on his popular page.

Update: Mitchell recently announced he is now at 46 viewings.