Fire Department Called To Rescue Giant Dog That Got Too Tired To Finish A Hike

A 120-pound Great Pyrenees named Kato was rescued by the Evergreen Fire Rescue in Colorado after becoming too tired to finish a hike at Maxwell Falls.

The 5-year-old fluffy, white dog was hiking with his owners when he refused to go on only one mile away from the end of the trail. Kato’s owner sent for help and the Evergreen Fire Rescue immediately sped into action. The Great Pyrenees rescuers believe that the giant dog became to tired by the hike and was likely dehydrated, reported USA Today.

“Maxwell Falls is a wonderful trail up here in the Evergreen. It’s got some up and downs, some steep parts… You know you get a good work out,” said public information officer for Evergreen Fire Department Stacee Martin.

Hikers can choose from three different trails at Maxwell Falls, according to Day Hikes Near Denver. There is a short trail which leads straight to a waterfalls that is about a mile back and forth. There a 3-mile trail which lead up to a great view of the valley and end at the falls. The last trail is 4-mile back and forth and takes hikers to Maxwell Creek, the scenic view of the valley, then the waterfalls.

The trail Kato and his family hiked through was not reported. However, given that they were only a mile away from finishing the trail and the short trail is only about half a mile one way, it might be safe to assume that they were taking either the 3-mile or 4-mile trail.

Martin told Kusa-TV Denver that the rescue team responded to Kato’s distress call like any other. They treated Kato like a human patient in need of help. The Great Pyrenees rescuers used the same techniques when they arrived on the scene to assess the giant dog’s medical needs. They also used the same stokes basket they used on a human patient the previous day to carry Kato out of the trail.

Great Pyrenees, like Kato, are great family pets. This breed of dog can be a great addition to the family when trained and raised properly. While Great Pyrenees used to be sheep-herding dogs, they are not too active, reported Vet Street. Dog Time states that this breed of dog only needs about 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day. Given that statistic, Kato’s hike may have been a bit too much for his breed.

However, every dog is different, regardless of breed. As such the National Park Service advises owners to know their pets and be prepared before they visit a park or take on a trail with their furry companions.

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