Bill Murray Plans To Launch The Container Bar, A Food Truck Park, This Summer

Bill Murray and partners Brad Creger and Mike Veeck plan to open a food truck park in August in Charleston, South Carolina. The construction project is called Food Truck-O-Rama, which has been in the works for about three years. The park will be named The Container when it opens at the site of a run-down empty office building. The building has been gutted and shipping containers attached to the front to create a large indoor/outdoor bar. The building will feature a private room complete with palm trees and umbrellas to keep customers cool. The room will look out onto a concrete patio area. Included in the park will also be an area called Lowcountry Low Line according to The Post and Courier. A former rail line will be cleared to make room for this linear park. Live music will also be featured.

Five years ago Murray, Creger, and Veeck opened a cab company on the site of a former gas station. Since then, they have bought up most of the lots surrounding that property. The food truck park is one of the projects that will be placed at that location. Creger said that they’re working with Dan Sweeney of the architectural and design firm Stumphouse to create “an inviting vibe.”

A space for food trucks will be located to the left of the building, and it will be designed with food truck owners in mind. Bill Murray’s team spoke with one of Charleston’s most successful food truck owners, Cory Burke of Roti Rolls, to get his input as they created the parking area. Creger said, “Cory was really helpful in providing good insight into the world of food trucks.” As a result of his insights, the park will include electrical hookups that will allow owners to operate without having to use generators.

The project fills a need in Charleston for a location where food trucks can thrive. Unable to park on public streets, the businesses currently get to bid once a year for 17 spaces that are set aside for food truck vendors, so many are relegated to parking lots that get little foot traffic.

The team expects to finish construction in August and is now reaching out to food trucks old and new about being part of the new venue. They want to include both old and new businesses.

Brad Creger is excited about this latest business pursuit with Bill Murray and believes it will “kill it for sure.” So what is it about The Container, Lowcountry Low Line, and the food truck park that will make it a success? “Location, parking, a welcoming vibe and a wide variety of food choices, but the overwhelming ingredient will be hospitality.”