Casey Anthony Headed Back To Court, Sued By Roy Kronk, Who Found Her Daughter’s Body

Casey Anthony, acquitted by a jury in the murder of her daughter Caylee, may have to defend herself yet again in a defamation lawsuit brought by Roy Kronk, the meter reader that found the child’s remains.

Radar Online is reporting that Kronk is trying to have his defamation case against Casey Anthony changed from federal bankruptcy court back to Orlando state court so it can go in front of a jury.

Anthony, 32, was acquitted of murder in 2011 following the mysterious death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

The 2011 trial garnered international attention and left many believing the young mother was responsible, despite the jury’s verdict.

Much of the doubt to Casey’s innocence stems from numerous lies and falsehoods she told police immediately following her daughter’s disappearance.

At various points, she told investigators that her daughter was kidnapped, or that she was last seen in the company of a mysterious nanny called “Zenaida.”

After weeks of police following leads, the body of the child was discovered by meter reader Kronk in a wooded area about a mile away from the Anthony’s home.

During the trial, prosecutors pointed to the deceptions Anthony told investigators and showed the jury photos of what appeared to be a carefree young woman taking in the Florida club scene while her child was still missing.

After her acquittal, Anthony filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy, blocking one defamation suit brought by former babysitter Zenaida Gonzales, who said that Anthony purposely “set her up” as the mysterious unknown woman that she claims she last saw her daughter with, according to the report.

For his part, Kronk felt that the defense team tried to insinuate that he had something to do with then child’s death.

Kronk is continuing with his case, hoping to get it out of the bankruptcy jurisdiction and into state court in order “to get some respect back” for his name after becoming involved in the case, the report said.

In his court documents, posted by Radar Online, Kronk claims the bankruptcy motion for declaratory judgement could not be fully explored because of the court’s jurisdiction and purpose.

Instead, he maintains that taking the case to state court will give a jury the opportunity to discern all the facts of the case.

“There are disputed issues of fact that preclude summary judgment on the defamation issues, and because those issues cannot be tried by the bankruptcy court… (Kronk) should be allowed to return to the Orlando state court to obtain a single adjudication of all issues by jury trial, especially now that there are no remaining countervailing bankruptcy issues that would weigh against abstention,” one of his attorneys said in the June 4 filing.

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