Joe Scarborough Calls Out Trump Slamming Melania’s Facelift Rumors After Spreading Identical Rumors About Mika

Joe Scarborough does not have much patience for Donald Trump getting angry about rumors that his wife got a facelift.

After Trump took to Twitter to complain about the rumors that had circulated during the more than three-week absence from the spotlight for Melania Trump — including rumors that she was recovering from a facelift — the MSNBC morning host recalled a time when Donald did the exact same thing. As People magazine noted, last year Trump claimed that he had seen Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski “bleeding badly from a facelift.”

Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked what he called the “Fake News Media” for its “vicious” attacks on Melania Trump during her time away from the spotlight. Melania went more than three weeks without being seen in public, with the First Lady spending weeks tucked away following what the White House said was a simple surgical procedure to address a benign kidney condition.

Her absence had given way to rumors that Melania Trump may have left to live in New York or was spending time away from the spotlight or may be recovering from cosmetic surgery. Those rumors did not sit well with Trump, who aired his grievances this week.

The irony of Trump’s complaint was not lost on Scarborough.

“I agree that it would be ‘vicious’ and ‘unfair’ to lie about a loved one having a facelift for the purpose of causing pain and embarrassment,” he wrote. “Mr. President, can you imagine anyone would be so cruel to do such a thing?”

Others pointed out that Donald Trump frequently comments on the attractiveness of women, attacking former Republican candidate Carly Fiorina’s face during a debate, calling Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig,” and making unflattering comparisons to Heidi Cruz, the wife of Ted Cruz.

At the time that Donald Trump called out Mika Brzezinski, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s choice of words, The Hill reported.

“This is a president who fights fire with fire,” she said. “And certainly will not be allowed to be bullied by a liberal media and the liberal elites within the media or Hollywood or anywhere else.”

After Donald Trump took aim at Mika last year, the MSNBC host had a creative response, posting a picture on Twitter that seemed to call Trump a toddler and took aim at the size of his hands, a sore spot for Trump.

Joe Scarborough has become a frequent critic of Donald Trump, despite a once-close relationship at the time Trump was running for the Republican nomination.

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