‘Westworld’ Theory: Bernard Lied In His Interrogation & Fans Have Come Up With Two Possible Theories For This

In Episode 7 of HBO’s Westworld Season 2, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) narrowed in on Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum) and his very special data contained within his brain ball. However, before she could extract the information, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) managed to sweep in and remove her father’s control unit. As a result of this, Charlotte has to quiz Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) about Dolores’ whereabouts in order to locate the precious item.

In a scene toward the end of the episode, Charlotte was seen interrogating Bernard while the others from Delos stood outside. For a tantalizing moment, Westworld viewers could see Bernard’s lips moving but not hear what he was saying. Charlotte then brought the others into the room and asked Bernard to repeat what he had just said to her. Initially, the usually honest Bernard is troublesome but then Charlotte manages to get him to repeat himself and reveal where Peter Abernathy’s control unit is. Viewers then find out the answer is “Sector 16, Zone 4.”

However, for many fans, this scene was problematic and theories are starting to form about it.

According to the Westworld thread on Reddit involving this scene, some viewers think that Charlotte Hale has managed to program Bernard to say this. In effect, she managed to get the most honest host to lie.

But, why would she do that?

So far, the best theory involving why she would do this is that she has an agenda outside of her current objective to locate Peter Abernathy and Westworld viewers have not been made privy to this information yet. As to what this secret agenda is, is anyone’s guess. Although, some would like to think Charlotte Hale might be trying to sabotage Delos by luring them to Sector 16, Zone 4.

“Hale programmed him to say what she wanted him to repeat. It’s a trap for Strand and team, clearly, he was holding her under duress at that moment,” Redditor pgillooly explains.

HBO's 'Westworld' Charlotte Hale theory, Dr Ford and Bernard, as seen in Season 2, Episode 7, Les Ecorches

The other most popular theory as to why Bernard would lie is that Dr. Ford is controlling him. Viewers have seen this happen already in Episode 7 of Westworld as Dr. Ford instructed Bernard to cause mass destruction. Also, seeing Bernard cry when he gave up his answer leads viewers to suspect Bernard is answering against his will.

“Bernard was crying when he spoke. Because Bernard knew what was going to happen.” Redditor AlastarYaboy said. “He is leading those people to their deaths.”

And, of course, Dr. Ford has always had a complicated relationship with Delos, so to have him set a trap for the group seems entirely plausible.

In addition, as SyFy points out, this scene might not actually imply that Bernard is lying at all and this is an “intentional misdirection” by the show’s creators knowing that the fan base would speculate wildly regardless.

However, as per usual when it comes to Westworld theories, viewers will just have to tune into future episodes to find out if these theories are true or not.

Season 2 of Westworld returns with Episode 8 on Sunday, June 10, at 9 p.m. ET. According to Elle, this episode will be titled “Kiksuya.”