Val Kilmer Is Back As Iceman For ‘Top Gun’ Sequel, Kenny Loggins Wants To Re-Invent ‘Danger Zone’

In 1986, Top Gun hit theaters and brought forth a collection of what would be some of the biggest stars in all of Hollywood. Now, it has been more than three decades since that high-flying epic film was released and the sequel is finally happening. Fans already knew that Tom Cruise was going to be in Top Gun: Maverick, but Wednesday was a huge day as it was revealed that Val Kilmer would also be in the movie to reprise his role as Iceman.

Oh, and Kenny Loggins has also come out of nowhere to say he’d love to work with someone on re-inventing “Danger Zone” for the sequel too.

The Wrap confirmed that Val Kilmer is going to be in the film and he will be back as Maverick’s (Tom Cruise) rival Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. It has been expected for a couple of years that Kilmer would join the cast, but this has been the first time there was any confirmation of it.

On Tuesday, Kilmer had been spotted with Cruise on the set in San Diego, but nothing was set in stone.

Top Gun: Maverick is the working title for the movie, but the Joseph Kosinski-directed flick doesn’t actually have an official title as of yet. There is not a lot known about the plot of the sequel to Tony Scott’s hit from the ’80s, but info continues to keep trickling out.

Last week, Cruise actually shared the first picture from the movie and it made a lot of ’80s kids excited.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated that the Top Gun sequel would have Cruise returning to his role as Maverick and having to deal with a very big problem. As automation and technology have advanced, pilots are becoming a thing of the past as unmanned drones are the hope of the future.

While everyone is looking back and feeling nostalgic, there was even more big news for the Top Gun sequel on Wednesday. TMZ caught up with Kenny Loggins who was a big part of the original film as his hit “Danger Zone” was the theme song which is forever stuck in everyone’s head.

Loggins has now said that he has spoken with Cruise to write a second version of “Danger Zone” for the sequel, but he won’t do it by himself. Cruise said that the song has to be in the movie and Loggins has said he wants to do it as a duet with a young male talent whom he won’t reveal at this time.

Top Gun: Maverick is the sequel that anyone over the age of 30 has wanted for so very long and they didn’t even know it. Now, not only is Tom Cruise heading back into the lead role, but Val Kilmer is also heading back to the big screen as Iceman. It’s just a shame that Goose (Anthony Edwards) won’t be there, but hopefully, there will be a nod to the character. With Kenny Loggins on board for a new version of “Danger Zone,” this movie just keeps getting better.