Diana Bunch Weight-Loss Pictures: ‘My 600-LB Life’ Appearance Leads To 265-LB Weight Loss For Diana

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Diana Bunch turned her life around in My 600-LB Life, and now she has some new weight-loss pictures to show her transformation.

Diana first appeared on the TLC docu-series in February 2017, a tragic story of weight issues that stretched back to her childhood. Now, Diana is sharing some amazing success since her time on the show, InTouch noted. She has lost 265 pounds since she first appeared on the show and continues to get healthy.

As many viewers will remember, Diana was one of the most dire cases ever featured on My 600-LB Life. She had gained so much weight that she was essentially immobile, confined to her bed with her lower limbs covered in blisters and open sores. Diana weighed more than 600 pounds by the time she decided to get treatment and undergo weight-loss surgery.

When it came time to travel from her native Washington state to Texas for treatment, Diana barely made the journey. She needed an EMS crew to arrive and use a gurney to get her into her hotel room, but through the difficulty and embarrassment, she stuck to her weight-loss regimen after undergoing surgery.

As InTouch explained, Diana Bunch now has not only lost weight but also addressed the underlying issues that led to her food addiction. As a child, Diana was molested by a pair of older boys and found difficulty dealing with her trauma, leading to a number of addiction issues. She was eventually discharged from the Air Force.

Diana said she learned to get help from others.

“I learned very young that I really was the only person I could depend on and at times that was a very lonely thing,” she said.

Diana Bunch’s inspiring weight-loss story comes after what has been a roller coaster season of My 600-LB Life. While the show highlighted a number of successful stories where participants were able to move beyond a lifetime of eating difficulties and lose weight, there were also some more difficult participants including Lisa Fleming, who struggled to stick with her weight-loss regimen.

There was also unprecedented tragedy this year. Participant Robert Buchel passed away during the filming of the show, making him just the first person to die of weight-related issues during the show’s entire seven-year run.

Those looking for more weight-loss pictures from Diana Bunch after My 600-LB Life can check out her Facebook page, where she has posted some regular updates of her journey.