‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Prepares To Testify, Diane’s Worried, And Sonny Cautions His Wife

The case against Carly is moving ahead quickly, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that her loved ones will be scrambling as the next day in court nears. Diane struggled to get Jason on the same page as her in terms of his testimony, but he wouldn’t budge. Wednesday’s episode brings more progress with this complicated storyline, and it sounds as if the Corinthos family is facing some additional challenges.

Jason is resistant to testifying that Carly is crazy since he knows that she isn’t. Carly herself has been resistant to pursuing this case strategy, but Diane has felt certain that it’s their best shot at getting her back home again. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps shares that during Wednesday’s show, Sonny will try to caution his wife, and previews detail that Diane will be telling them that she is concerned about someone’s testimony.

Also related to Carly’s case, Nelle will tell Michael that she’s been subpoenaed to testify against his mom. While early on, Michael was doubtful of his mother’s claims about his baby mama, he’s definitely come around and he’s suspicious of what she’s been doing. Michael may be playing nicely with Nelle for now, but General Hospital spoilers hint that he’s done being manipulated and taken advantage of by her.

General Hospital spoilers note that things will get difficult as the week progresses for Carly and her team, but there’s a lot of other great stuff incorporated into Wednesday’s show. Executive Producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that Alexis will get a proposition she can’t refuse, and it looks like this comes from Nina, who wants Alexis to represent her in her divorce from Valentin.

In addition, Julian tries to apologize to Kim for chasing Alexis, Obrecht terrorizes Peter, and Anna comes clean to Robin. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Robin will be confused and angry with Anna as she tries to absorb all of this, but Finn will be anxious to support Anna every step of the way. Viewers will also get their first glimpse at Finn and Chase’s biological father during Wednesday’s episode, and it’ll be interesting to see where that storyline heads.

Is it Jason, Nelle, or someone else that has Diane worried about the upcoming testimony in Carly’s case? Will Michael ultimately expose Nelle for her dirty deeds or will she manage to regain the upper hand? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are plenty of intense moments on the way as this progresses and fans are anxious for a big payoff.