‘General Hospital’ Casting Rumors: Fans Buzz Over Possible Dominic Zamprogna Departure [Updated – Spoilers]

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Many General Hospital fans are still reeling over Ryan Paevey’s decision to leave his role of Nathan West, and now buzz is swirling that another actor may be following suit. Rumors are spreading across social media detailing that Dominic Zamprogna, who plays Dante, has also chosen to leave the soap. The actor has shared a few tidbits on Twitter that could be perceived as a confirmation, and there are conflicting sources floating around on the topic.

The buzz about Dominic Zamprogna leaving General Hospital started recently when the Twitter user @TheSoapWhisperer tweeted that not only was Dom leaving GH but that he had already filmed his last scenes. In subsequent tweets, this apparent soap insider, followed by outlets like Soap Opera Digest, Deadline, CBS Daytime, and Soap Opera Network, was consistent in reaffirming that Zamprogna was already gone from General Hospital.

On the other hand, the blog Daytime Indulgence posted that they have connected with sources who say that Zamprogna isn’t leaving General Hospital. In follow-up tweets, they said that their information comes from sources who detail that Dom hasn’t said anything to the network about leaving.

So far, no official word about Zamprogna’s rumored departure has come from Dominic, General Hospital, or any of the more prominent outlets like Soap Opera Digest or Daytime Confidential. This isn’t the first time that rumors have swirled that Dom was planning to leave GH either. In previous instances, the actor stuck with the soap and his role of Dante. Some wonder, however, if this time the rumors that he’s leaving might be true.


Zamprogna is getting questions about his rumored departure on his Twitter page. He hasn’t answered any of the inquiries directly, but one recent exchange is raising some eyebrows. Dom shared a picture showing him at a rodeo, noting that it’s not his first. One follower said that she was sorry to see him go and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Dom replied to that comment saying that she shouldn’t “believe everything you hear 2nd,” which prompted a tweet from someone else saying “Good you can’t leave!!” Interestingly, Zamprogna replied to that response saying, “That’s not what I meant.” The exchange is certainly a bit confusing and the General Hospital actor hasn’t added any clarification, but it can definitely be perceived as a hint that he is indeed leaving the soap.

Many of the actor’s fans feel that he should be getting meatier storylines than he’s had in recent months, and it’s not hard to imagine that he might be ready to spread his wings and tackle new projects like Ryan Paevey is doing. Will Dominic Zamprogna leave General Hospital within the next few weeks or will these rumors pan out to be false once again? Stay tuned for additional spoilers regarding the situation as they emerge and tune in to ABC weekdays to see what comes next for Dante Falconeri.

Update: Zamprogna has now addressed the rumors and revealed his status with the show.