Baby Survives Crash: Hurled Into Oncoming Traffic [Video]

A young baby recently survived a horrifying crash between a truck and an SUV. What makes the story even more spectacular is the fact that the baby was lunged out of the car into the path of oncoming traffic and still managed to survive.

The baby survived the crash after being violently hurled into the middle of the road. The infant managed to cheat death twice in mere seconds on the cold and snowy road in Russia.

Before you watch the video below, be warned: While no one was seriously hurt, the footage might still be disturbing for some people to watch.

Here’s what happened. The SUV was carrying the family including the one year-old infant when they tried to pass another vehicle. The SUV then began to skid on the icy road and crashed into an oncoming truck. The baby survived the violent crash of both vehicles but was fond laying in the middle of the road as it was barely missed by a second oncoming truck. Thankfully the father of the child acted quickly, running out into traffic and grabbing the baby off the road and to safety.

It is common place for many drivers in Russia to have dashboard cams installed these days, and we have seen plenty of footage come out of Russia that is interesting to say the least. But this video also highlight a major issue in Russia and that is child safety in cars, specifically children being properly placed into car seats and using seat belts properly.

If you’re not squeamish, here is the full video of the accident and miraculous outcome:

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