IHOP Is Changing Its Name To IHOb And The Internet Is Flipping Out

The International House of Pancakes, currently branded as IHOP, recently announced a change to its iconic name, and the company is keeping the reason why a secret until June 11. Via Twitter, it announced the new name will be IHOb. Yet, the company really set the internet on fire by inexplicably not revealing what the “b” stands for, leaving people waiting anxiously for an answer.

“For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHOb. Find out what it could b on 6.11.18. #IHOb,” the company posted on its Twitter account.

As soon as the tweet appeared, speculation about the “b” ran rampant. Guesses ranging from bacon to burritos were proposed. A likely candidate proposed by one commenter was “breakfast.” However, the company wouldn’t confirm this obvious choice.

“o-b-viously you should come back on 6/11 to see what it’s gonna b,” the company wrote.

Some commenters said the IHOP name change is a hoax or probably just a publicity stunt. However, these theories don’t hold much water as an IHOP representative told the New York Post that the company is serious about the name change.

As part of the IHOP name change tease, the company posted a survey asking, “what could it b?”

Started by Al and Jerry Lapin, the International House of Pancakes first opened in 1958 just outside of Los Angeles, California. In 1973, the company decided to shorten the name to IHOP. Both the name and restaurant have since become recognized worldwide for anything breakfast, particularly the pancakes.

Per a USA Today report, the name change comes at a time when other changes are happening with the restaurant chain. Company owner Dine Brands Global decided in February to shut down nearly 40 locations in order to focus on buying and growing smaller restaurant chains specializing in healthy and ethnic foods. In 2017, Dine Brands closed 23 IHOP restaurants.

For now, IHOP is keeping information about the name change a closely guarded secret. Yet, whatever the “b” will stand for in IHOb, the company says customers do not have to worry as pancakes will still be on the menu. At least for the next six days, the company will probably keep us wondering while pancake lovers continue to freak out about what the new name will ultimately “b.”

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