Rita Ora Flaunts Her Assets In A Tangerine String Bikini While Vacationing In Italy

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Rita Ora is someone who isn’t afraid to show off her ample assets, and she did it again with her recent photos while she vacationed in Italy.

The Daily Mail has a few shots of the actress and singer showing off her killer bikini body in a tangerine-colored string bikini. Her slender waist, taut midriff, and long legs were on display as she vacationed on the beach in Italy.

In the pictures, she was shown with her newly-dyed red hair, which seemed to contrast her tangerine string bikini quite nicely.

Check out some of the super-hot shots below.

Peach Bellini anyone?

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Ora had just finished performing at the Arena di Verona in Italy as part of her world tour.

Dolce and Gabbana provided her with some of the suits that she wore onstage.

But Rita Ora said that she’d most enjoyed the peach bellini she’d had while she was chilling on the beach in Italy.

Recently, the actress and singer had undergone some controversy because of her “Girls” single, in which she discussed, in graphic detail, about what it was like to be involved in a relationship with a woman.

This, of course, drew fire from the LBTGQIA community, in which they claimed she was “queer-baiting” because she needed the publicity for the single.

Celebrities such as Rob Kardashian Jr. and Cara Delevigne had to come to her defense to get the more rabid fans off her tail.

Ultimately, one of the reasons fans were so critical of her is because she’s been involved in a relationship with a man — songwriter Andrew Watt — for more than a year.

This led many fans to believe that Rita Ora was straight, as opposed to bisexual.

However, on several occasions, Ora clarified that she was, in fact, bisexual, and had romantic relationships with other women in the past.

Ora, in fact, had been linked to the likes of Cara Delevigne before hooking up with Watt.

Despite her good intentions, Ora continued to receive a backlash and ultimately had to issue a statement saying how “sorry” she was for offending the community she was trying to reach with her music. She went on to say that “Girls” represents “her truth,” and that the song was an “accurate account” about what she was going through in her life, and the last thing she wanted to do was offend anyone with her song.

Rita Ora went on to say that being with both men and women was “part of her journey.”