Elizabeth Hurley Shows Some Major Skin In Pink Satin Negligee

Is there anything that Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t look stunning in?

As the Inquisitr shared last week, the 52-year-old wowed fans with a swimsuit picture that was designed by her own Beach line, Elizabeth Hurley. In the stunning image, Elizabeth shows off her amazingly fit body in a blue bikini in the Maldives. Interestingly enough, Hurley’s 16-year-old son, Damian, was the photographer behind the shot.

And today, Hurley is wowing fans once again with yet another sexy photo that was posted to her highly-followed Instagram account. In the most recent post, Hurley poses on a leopard chair and wears her beautiful long, brunette locks down as she cocks her head to the side and half smiles.

But what really has fans gushing over this photo is the fact that Hurley is rocking a satin pink negligee and she looks absolutely amazing doing it. The photo leaves little to the imagination as it was taken at a downward angle, showing off Hurley’s curves as well as her visibly fit thighs.

Like her bikini snapshot, Liz’s most recent photo has also gained her plenty of attention with over 66,000 likes as well as 1,400-plus comments. Many fans had no words for the sexy picture and opted to use emojis instead. But that didn’t stop countless other fans from gushing over how amazing Hurley still looks for her age.


“You just get prettier and prettier as time goes on.”

“Looking so beautiful in it, the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen,” another wrote.

“Like a fine wine you only get better with age stay beautiful,” one more fan gushed.

And when it comes to showing off skin, Elizabeth is obviously a seasoned pro. Not only did she share the sexy bikini shot with fans last week but last month, she shared another photo of herself sporting only a red bikini top.

The photo is taken from the belly button up and Liz can be seen throwing her hands in the air with a huge smile on her face. Her little black pooch can be seen in the background with his tongue out as he appears to be pooped from a walk the pair just took.


Like her other photos, this one also gained Hurley a ton of attention with over 75,000 likes as well as 1,200 comments. Again, fans were quick to comment on how beautiful Hurley looks, especially considering the fact that she is 52-years-old.

“Liz you are and always will be sexiest woman ever,” a fan wrote.

Elizabeth can be currently seen in her TV series, The Royals.