Chelsea Houska Reportedly Upset By Special Treatment Given To Jenelle Evans By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Team

Chelsea Houska isn’t exactly happy right now. After all of the drama that went down last month at the Teen Mom 2 reunion in New York City, things haven’t panned out the way she had hoped. Houska left the set after the brawl broke out and returned home to South Dakota the next day. Instead of having to complete the filming that was required easily, things were more complicated than she would have liked.

According to the Ashley, Chelsea Houska is upset that Jenelle Evans was treated better when it came to filming for the reunion. The Teen Mom 2 star flew to New York City for the taping to fulfill her contractual obligations, but after what happened between Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry, she decided to fly home. Instead of giving her the same treatment Evans was receiving, Houska ended up with a rushed Skype call.

Jenelle Evans shared photos on Instagram that were taken while she did her sitdown interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky. It appears as though they reconstructed a similar set to what the Teen Mom 2 stars had in New York City. Chelsea Houska was only given the option for a Skype conversation. To top off the slight, her call was early in the morning to allegedly give Evans time to prepare herself.

The contention between Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans isn’t new. The two have fought on social media back and forth for a while. Their lives are incredibly different, which is why they are both featured on Teen Mom 2. Houska has minimal drama in her life while Evans always has something going on. There is no longer a friendship between the two at all. In the beginning, the cast members got along, but in recent years, things have changed.

To add insult to injury, Jenelle Evans didn’t attend the Teen Mom 2 taping in New York City because her husband was not allowed to come. She reportedly made demands and when the network failed to oblige, she decided to skip out. According to the Inquisitr, in order to have consistency throughout, MTV decided to allow Dr. Drew Pinsky to fly down to North Carolina to talk to her about the show. Chelsea Houska did what she was supposed to do and only left because of the violence that ensued on set. She is currently pregnant with her third child and being put in an unsafe situation was not something she took lightly.