Halle Berry & Keanu Reeves Are Not Dating [Debunked]

Krista Clark

If there's anything the tabloids love to print, it's stories about celebrity couples. Unfortunately, sometimes they're more concerned with getting you to fork over your money than they are about the truth. The latest stories about Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves is a prime example. Sorry but they did not fall in love on the set of John Wick: Chapter 3 and are not dating. Gossip Cop got to the bottom of this false rumor.

One media outlet recently published a story in which they said that Berry and Reeves had fallen in love on the set of a movie they're working on together - John Wick: Chapter 3, which is currently scheduled for release in about a year. There's just one little problem with that story. On the day the magazine published the story, the movie had been in production for one day. While both Halle and Keanu are gorgeous and possibly distracting to others they work with from time to time, it's highly unlikely that they fell in love and were carrying on a hot romance after one day on the set together, one day of working through shots and doing scenes over and over for the director and production crew. An insider who is close to Berry nixed that rumor and said that the two are not an item.

The rumor that Keanu Reeves is a sad person has been circulating for years. It goes back to one photo that was taken of him while he was eating. He did look a bit sad in the picture, but he was eating a sandwich on a park bench. How many people smile while eating on a park bench? It became a popular meme that people would use to attach all kinds of captions. Keanu laughed it off when someone told him that it had become a really popular meme. He called it, "Good clean fun." He is far from a "morose" person, and there are plenty of interviews and photos to prove it.