‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Approaches Nelle For Help, But She’s Not Ready To Go Easy On Carly

Blair RaughleyInvision for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services / AP Images

Nelle has spent months in Port Charles angling to take down Carly and set herself up with the good life and at the moment, she seems to be exactly where she wants to be. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that she may still face some challenges, and it looks like Sonny is about to try to talk some sense into her. Will he have any success?

Carly is in a heap of legal trouble thanks to Nelle’s schemes, and Sonny is desperate to help his wife. General Hospital spoilers via an ABC sneak peek detail that he will pay Nelle a visit, and viewers will not want to miss this confrontation. She had the upper hand when she previously drugged him and made him think they’d slept together, but she might be underestimating how problematic it could be to have him as an enemy.

When Sonny pays Nelle a visit at the Quartermaine mansion, he’ll be quick to point out how she seems nicely settled and is living the good life. The two will trade barbs for a bit, but neither trusts the other, and it looks like it won’t take long for Sonny to get to the reason he’s there.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will note that now that she’s got everything she’s wanted, it might be time for her to pay it forward. Nelle doesn’t need any more detail than that by the looks of things, as she’ll quip that she was wondering how long it’d take for him to bring up Carly.

Of course, Nelle isn’t about to admit that she was responsible for torturing Carly for months and that she’s very purposefully engineered her stay at the Quartermaine mansion. However, she certainly could tell the authorities that her fall down the stairs was completely accidental and that Carly wasn’t responsible, allowing Carly a chance to get back home again.

Sonny may try to pressure Nelle into doing just that, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that she won’t be feeling generous in the least. As the week plays out, she’ll be savoring her victories while Sonny will be sharing some advice with his wife and urging caution.

Interestingly, SheKnows Soaps hints that Carly will have reason to feel relieved this week as well and viewers know that Michael is now determined to figure out the truth about what Nelle’s done to his mother. Can Jason, Michael, and Sonny work together to expose Nelle and save Carly? Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as this intense storyline progresses, as teasers suggest that things will be shifting in big ways quite soon.