Simon Cowell Says ‘Unplugging’ Moblile Phone For Past 10 Months Has Made Him ‘Happier’

Famous TV mogul, producer, and all-around household name Simon Cowell revealed to the Daily Mail on June 3 that he has not used his cell phone at all in nearly 10 months.

In what is a remarkable confession, the star shared how he had become so overtaken and caught up by what was happening on his phone that he physically could not handle the device anymore. So, he made himself uncontactable for the sake of his mental health and happiness for nearly a year.

He told the British publication on Sunday all about his big decision, stating “I literally have not been on my phone for ten months. The difference it made was that I became more aware of the people around me and way more focused.”

He went on to explain that “the thing I get irritated with is when you have a meeting everyone’s on their phone – and I was probably in that place too. You can’t concentrate. It has been so good for my mental health. It’s a very strange experience but it really is good for you and it has absolutely made me happier.”

The former American Idol judge recently cemented his first deal with the British Broadcasting Company by selling it the rights to contest The Greatest Dancer, one of his latest projects.

Cowell also revealed he is considering an offer from the corporation to buy Britain’s Got Talent.

When asked what else led him to his decision to cut himself off from his cell phone, he cited an idea on how to boost TV audiences, and credits his 4-year-old son, Eric, with helping in his quest.

Television judge/producer Simon Cowell attends NBC's "America's Got Talent" Season 11 Kickoff at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on March 3, 2016 in Pasadena, California.

Cowell stated that part of the disconnect is attempting to coerce his young son to do the same with him, hoping he can use Eric as a way to help promote younger viewers to return their interest to television as opposed to internet content as well as to bond away from the internet.

He told the Daily Mail that he is limiting the time his child uses the iPad and instead sits with him while they watch TV.

The famed host stated that “when you talk to a lot of TV people they always talk about this 18-34 demographic, I’m more interested in bringing in the very young viewers, like Eric’s age, because if you get them watching television, they will hopefully keep watching it, that’s what we need to do to ensure the future of television.”