Dolly Parton May Be Getting A Netflix Original Series, According To ‘Grace And Frankie’ Star Lily Tomlin

Grace and Frankie star Lily Tomlin may have recently spilled the beans about a Netflix Original currently in the works featuring Dolly Parton.

Lily Tomlin revealed the new show during the Netflix FYSee (For Your Consideration events showcasing Emmy contenders) that took place in Hollywood this weekend. The Grace and Frankie star was on the stage with Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, Martin Sheen, and the creators of the Netflix Original series to promote the show to those voting for the Emmys.

According to IndieWire, the entire cast and crew of Grace and Frankie danced around answering any questions about what to expect or what was coming for Season 5. According to Jane Fonda, the cast and crew feared spoiling Season 5 before it gets released by saying the wrong thing. They didn’t want to reveal any information that Netflix didn’t want revealed.

Because the entire cast and crew remained so tight-lipped about the upcoming season of Grace and Frankie, many found it a little surprising when Lily Tomlin let such a big piece of information slip about her former 9 to 5 co-star, Dolly Parton. IndieWire and several other media outlets have speculated dishing this information was likely an accident on Lily’s part.

Pete Hammond of Deadline asked Tomlin who she would like to see guest star in the Grace and Frankie. Considering fans have longed for a reboot or reunion of the 1985 comedy, 9 to 5, it only made sense for Dolly Parton to be considered as a guest star.

Unfortunately for 9 to 5 fans, it appears as if Parton’s schedule is a little too packed to make a guest appearance in Grace and Frankie at the moment. Lily, however, proceeded to let it slip that part of the reason why Dolly was currently so busy is because she was working on her own big Netflix production.

“We’d like to see Dolly and we keep hoping we’ll work out a schedule, but she’s just so busy. She does so many things, and now she has a big show deal herself at Netflix, so I don’t know.”

Met with a combination of surprise and delight, Lily proceeded to explain a little about the upcoming Netflix Original Series.

“It’s a show — Sam Haskell, her partner, they’re going to do a series about Dolly’s songs, like she did with ‘Coat of Many Colors’ and all that stuff.”

Lily also confirmed that Dolly would be in the show “when it calls for her.”

Several media outlets, including Deadline, have reached out to Netflix for a comment about the upcoming Dolly Parton Netflix Original, but representatives of the streaming giant declined to give any comments.

At this time, all Dolly Parton fans can do is hope what Lily Tomlin accidentally revealed at the panel is true.