Bill Clinton Says He Could Never Be Elected Today Because He Doesn’t Like ‘Embarrassing People’

Bill Clinton and James Patterson were recent guests of CBS Sunday Morning to promote their new political thriller book, The President Is Missing. As People reported, the show co-host, Mo Rocca, eventually brought up the topic of President Donald Trump.

Clinton first spoke of the impeachment he faced during his presidency, as the character in the book he co-wrote also faces impeachment (though the authors claim the fictional leader is not based on the 42nd president), and said that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. He remarked that while it was unpleasant, it was a fight that he was glad to undertake because there was nothing impeachable.

Mo Rocca then pointed out how members of his own party, like New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, feel that Bill Clinton should have stepped down during that time. As the People report stated, and as seen in the video below, the 42nd president disagreed with her saying that she’s living in a different context. Rocca then brought up Donald Trump and asked if Clinton thought that the press was treating him fairly.

The former president said that he feels the press is largely trying to cover the facts of the investigation. He also remarked that if the roles were reversed, that if it was a democratic president in this role, impeachment hearings would have already begun. As the People article documented, Mo Rocca asked Bill Clinton about Donald Trump’s negative tweets.

“President Trump — this is just factual — is fond of personal insults. I mean, he still refers to Mrs. Clinton as ‘Crooked Hillary’ in tweets.”

Bestselling author James Patterson weighed in first.

“It’s been effective for him. It’s unbelievable that the became president. But he figured some things out. And I think most people do not like these tweets. They just wish it wouldn’t go that way.”

Former president Bill Clinton then gave his opinion of the current president bashing people on Twitter.

“I don’t like all this. I couldn’t be elected anything now ’cause I just don’t like embarrassing people. My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time bad mouthing people like this.”

The former president ended the segment by saying that he hopes readers not only enjoy the book, but that there is a subtext to the political thriller; as seen in the video, Bill Clinton remarked that he wants the people to see the presidency as a job, a hard one, and that it matters who gets it and how they do it.

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