San Diego Marathon Shooting: Police Respond To Reports Of Active Shooter At Finish Line

An active shooter opened fire near the finish line of a San Diego marathon, prompting police to take to the roof of a local parking garage to put an end to the incident.

As NBC San Diego reported, police have responded to the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego Marathon after reports of shots being fired from a rooftop. It was not yet clear if there were an casualties, but local reporters noted that at least four people were shot, including a police officer who was apprehending the gunman. Reporter Alicia Summers later clarified that the officer may have accidentally shot himself in the foot while responding.

Witnesses reported a massive police presence in downtown San Diego, and some shared video of police cars racing to the scene of the shooting.

Police appeared to address the shooting quickly. Within an hour of the first report, the Associated Press reported that there was no longer a threat. The marathon was able to resume after police cleared the scene, and some of those competing in the race shared pictures after crossing the finish line, showing that the race had returned to normal.

There were conflicting reports about where the shooting took place, with some saying it was at the finish line and others identifying it only as somewhere along the route of the race.

Some of the reports appeared to show police apprehending the gunman on the roof of a parking structure.

To many, the reports of the San Diego marathon shooting sparked memories of the 2013 bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. That incident, which left three people dead and close to 300 injured, sparked a week-long search for the suspects that ended in a shootout just outside of Boston, leaving one of the suspects dead. Security around the Boston Marathon and around other subsequent marathons has been tighter in the wake of that attack.

The nation has also been on edge after a series of other mass shootings, including incidents at high schools in Florida and Texas within the last three months that left many teachers and students dead.

Reports from San Diego indicate that police were able to confront the shooter quickly and brought an end to the active shooting within minutes of the first reports of shots being fired. There were no reports of any deaths.

The identity of the alleged San Diego marathon shooter was not disclosed, but local reports said the suspect was a woman.