Taylor Swift Gave A Moving Speech Celebrating Pride Month That Brought Concertgoers To Tears

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Taylor Swift is currently in the middle of her “Reputation” tour but the singer took time from her busy schedule to dedicate a moving speech to her LGTBQ fans in honor of Pride Month.

According to Buzzfeed, Swift was performing Saturday night in Chicago when she interrupted her hit song, “Delicate” to pay tribute to the LGTBQ community with a rousing monologue encouraging her fans to be brave and accepting of people. The singer acknowledged the adversity members of the Queer community face and commended them for choosing to live their truth and be vulnerable despite opposition from bigots. Swift, who has a legion of LGBTQ fans on social media, urged concertgoers to celebrate how far we’ve come in terms of accepting and embracing the Queer community but to also recognize how much work still needs to be done.

The singer ended her speech with a beautiful sentiment dedicated to those celebrating Pride month.

“May we end up in a world where everyone can live and love equally and no one has to be afraid to be vulnerable and say how they feel,” Swift told the crowd.

Swifts words resonated with fans, especially on social media. Plenty of Swifties praised their queen’s speech on Twitter with many admitting they were brought to tears by the singer’s tribute.

The nod was a powerful statement from Swift, who’s been linked to a more conservative audience following the presidential election. Neo-nazis have used the singer and her music to gain support to their cause. Swift was unusually silent during the election, unwilling to voice her political beliefs which led some to conclude she might support a more conservative candidate. While other pop stars were actively campaigning for Democrats like Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Swift stayed out of the political fray. Instead, the singer has used her platform to help raise money for causes she believes in, donating tens of thousands of dollars to fans in need and organizations that aid victims of sexual assault.

In fact, looking at her history of activism and charity work, it’s not surprising that Swift took a moment on stage to recognize her LGBTQ fans in such an intimate and sincere way. The singer might not be the kind of celebrity that becomes politically active, rallying her fans to vote or addressing the political controversy, but she makes a difference by connecting with her audience and using her voice to consistently push for change.