Republicans Ready For A Brutal House Leadership Contest, Speaker Paul Ryan To Be Replaced

As CNN reports, Speaker Paul Ryan retires from public service shortly after a tumultuous career that saw him rise to power and acclaim at a relatively young age – when elected to the position of Speaker on October 29, 2015 he became the youngest to occupy the position since 1875 – and then fall prey to negative public sentiment as crowds booed his presence during the Republic Primary for his lack of support for then-candidate and eventual winner Donald Trump, according to USA Today.

His likeliest replacement, according to political analysts at The Hill, is House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican congressman from California and a staunch Trump loyalist. While Ryan’s term as Speaker does not expire until January of next year, the embattled representative from Wisconsin has made it quite clear that he does not intend to continue in the role.

McCarthy, in contrast to Ryan’s quiet resignation, is going on the offensive as late, often defending President Trump’s policy and political decisions. Sitting down with CNN’s State of the Union, McCarthy defended the Republican record under the current administration and also went on to say that he was very proud of what they had achieved.

“I would think it changed for the better… So, you know what? I’m proud of this Republican party. I’m proud of what we have been able to achieve.”

Speaking to the ongoing investigation headed up by Robert Mueller, for which no hard evidence has yet been offered, McCarthy said it was time to wrap it all up. Having taken over a year since its inception, and at a cost of over $17 million dollars to American taxpayers, according to Politico, critics of the politicized investigation claim that there is no collusion to speak of and that all evidence gathered so far is speculative, conjectural, and highly partisan in origin.

“Let them walk through their investigation. But if there is no collusion, it’s time to wind this down… What I am concerned most about, like most Americans, was there any collusion? There was no collusion,” McCarthy said. “This has gone on for more than a year. It’s been investigated in so many different manners.”

Frequently derided by President Trump as a simple witch-hunt and disinformation campaign operated by Democrats still hurting from a devastating election loss in 2016, the Mueller investigation has as yet failed to come forward with any unimpeachable evidence supporting grand claims of collusion, managing to deliver indictments to 13 alleged Russian trolls whom have asked Mueller and company to produce evidence of their involvement in court, a claim that as yet have gone unchallenged and thus unproven, reports USA Today.

Citing the massively successful Trump tax cuts that have created a red-hot American economy with record high employment numbers and historically low unemployment statistics for American minorities including black, latino, and female citizens – in addition to the rebuilding of the American military as well as the upcoming peace summit in Singapore between President Trump, President Moon, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – McCarthy seems to have President Trump’s support and vice-versa in his bid for the big chair, as reported by the Inquisitr.

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