Baltimore Orioles Show Interest In Hanley Ramirez, And Get Ripped On Twitter For It

The rumors of Hanley Ramirez to the Baltimore Orioles are currently building steam, however, it has been a very unpopular concept amongst Orioles’ fans. Despite the blowback, Hanley Ramirez joining the Orioles seems like a done deal.

Sporting News is one of several media outlets confirming that the Baltimore Orioles are targeting Ramirez. If the Orioles were in a better place in the MLB standings, taking a flier on the slugger would be a sensible move. Currently sitting with a 17-41 record does not allow the Orioles to produce any type of sales pitch that their fans will consider reasonable at this point.

The Baltimore Orioles are in the position to sign Hanley Ramirez after the Boston Red Sox released him on Wednesday, according to Mass Live. Ramirez had to clear waivers in a 48 hour period.

Clearing waivers was nearly a guarantee for Hanley Ramirez, as he is owed over $15 million for the remainder of the season. Any team that would have claimed Ramirez on waivers would be responsible to pay him what was left on his Red Sox contract.

For their efforts, the Boston Red Sox attempted to trade Hanley Ramirez, yet finding a taker for his contract was going to be tough. The Baltimore Orioles were not going to engage the Red Sox in trade talks for Ramirez. Instead the Orioles have chosen to wait out the process. The Orioles are getting panned for their interest.

Baltimore Orioles fans seem content in the team bottoming out and rebuilding, versus what would be a failed attempt to revitalize the season. Ironically, the Orioles have a need for Hanley Ramirez, but there are questions that must be answered. One of those questions includes what is the Orioles’ direction.

The Baltimore Orioles are stuck in a quagmire. They are not a playoff contender. Many of the MLB trade rumors circulating around baseball involves the Orioles and their star third baseman, Manny Machado.

Any possibility of the Orioles adding Hanley Ramirez does not take Machado off the trade block. Also, it creates confusion regarding their position as a franchise. Several Orioles fans have pointed out on Twitter that they hate the idea.

All signs point to rebuilding as the best course of action for the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles reside in the American League East where the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees typically dominate. This season, the Tampa Bay Rays are surprisingly good. There is no way to go but up for the Orioles, yet they have to bottom out to get there.

Sitting with the record they have, the Baltimore Orioles are in the running for a top-five draft pick next year. Signing Hanley Ramirez would add wins, but at what cost?

The Baltimore Orioles are in a position to build their farm system if they trade Manny Machado before July 1. Adam Jones and Chris Davis could also be candidates for an Orioles trade.

As a few of the most recent rebuilding MLB teams have done, trading away star players and putting together some youth for the future has been the way to go. The Baltimore Orioles should not be an exception, even if the prospect of adding Hanley Ramirez seems too good to pass up.

Baltimore Orioles fans do not seem pleased about the team’s interest in the aging star. In their minds the few extra wins are not worth it.