WWE Executive Fired After His Wife Is Exposed For Being One Of The Biggest Anti-Muslim Trolls On Twitter

A WWE executive, Salvatore “Sal” Siino, was recently fired from the company because his wife was recently identified as being, as what many describe, President Donald Trump’s biggest anti-Muslim Twitter Troll. Salvatore Siino was a senior vice president for global content distribution and business development for the WWE.

The famed Twitter account, @AmyMek, was suspected for years of being a Russian bot. But as the Huffington Post reported, in an article by Luke O’Brien, the person behind the account has since been exposed as Siino’s wife, Amy Jane Mekelburg.

For five years, Amy Mekelburg posted thousands of tweets expressing her hatred of Muslims, posted false statistics involving African American men raping Caucasian women, and supported Nazi and ISIS propaganda. Mekelburg has nearly 230,000 followers, and many people were not shocked to learn that her Twitter account was followed by many far-right conservative figures, including Sean Hannity and Roseanne Barr. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also follows Amy through her personal Twitter account, and as the HuffPost report documented, the Twitter user has been endorsed by Donald Trump and Michael Flynn.

Most of these tweets occurred during Siino’s tenure with the WWE. The company has reason to be concerned over Amy’s Islamophobia. Recently, the WWE performed in Saudi Arabia for their pay-per-view event, the Greatest Royal Rumble, and the wrestling promotion has signed a 10-year deal to have recurring shows there. Purportedly, Salvatore was a major negotiator behind TV deals in the United Arab Emirates for WWE programming. During this time of negotiation, his wife was spewing hatred toward Muslims.

As documented in the report, a former friend of Mekelburg said that Amy claimed the WWE knew of her Twitter handle, but instructed “Sal” to keep it quiet. When HuffPost asked the company if this was true, an unnamed spokesman for the WWE replied.

“This is the first time we’re hearing about Amy Mekelburg.”

Feeling like that was a cryptic answer, the WWE was once again asked about their awareness of the situation. As the HuffPost report documented, they reinforced their answer and gave further information.

“No. Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

In the HuffPost article, and as seen within Mekelburg’s Twitter thread, writer Luke O’Brien says he has received numerous threats since posting the report. Many took to Twitter to encourage others to harass O’Brien, explaining how to find his phone number, and as stated in his article, he was told to watch his back because it now has a target on it, and one said, “you’re going to get it now.”

Many people took to Twitter to defend the journalist and the WWE for their decision to fire Siino, and others expressed concern for Amy and said she appears to have mental health issues.

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