Nylah Lightfoot Murder: 14-Year-Old Girl Stabbed To Death By 13-Year-Old Friend At Sleepover, Police Say

Nylah Lightfoot was stabbed to death this week, and police say the 14-year-old girl was slain by her 13-year-old friend at an end-of-school sleepover.

The tragic incident happened this week in Fort Worth, Texas, where police say 14-year-old Nylah was killed at the home of a friend. Police said Nylah was spending the night when her 13-year-old friend pulled out a knife during a dispute and stabbed Nylah several times, Fox 4 News reported.

Police said the girls had been friends, but recently had been in some kind of argument. Anntoinette Carter, the mother of the victim, said her daughter initially said no to the sleepover, but the murder suspect insisted she come over.

Carter said the girls got into a physical confrontation during the night that turned deadly.

“She whooped you. You should have accepted it,” the mother said. “No, you had to go back in the house and get a knife and stab and kill my baby. Now, I’m daughterless. My heart feels like it’s been ripped out and stomped on.”

Carter said there was an adult present at the time of the deadly fight, but the person did nothing to intervene. It was not clear if police were investigating any adults in relation to the murder or if anyone else might face charges.

Police were called to the apartment at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the Star-Telegram reported. They found the victim suffering stab wounds to her neck and chest, and she was declared dead on arrival.

The killing came just one day after the school year ended for the girls. The victim had just finished her eighth grade year and was set to start high school in the fall.

Family members of the victim have started a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses, and it has raised more than $3,000 toward a $10,000 goal.

“We lost my princess this morning,” family members wrote. ‘This is something that no parent wants to do. I’m asking for help giving my baby a proper burial. Any donations that will help us would be greatly appreciated.”

Family members said Nylah Lightfoot was a straight-A student and never got into trouble, and they could not comprehend why she would be murdered.

The 13-year-old girl charged with murder in the sleepover stabbing death was sent to juvenile detention, and a judge ruled that she would not be released to her parents. The girl’s name was not released.

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