Justin Timberlake To Return To The Stage At Superbowl Charity

Justin Timberlake

Do you hear the pitter patter of Justin Timberlake strutting himself on stage? No? Well, it looks like that future may not be too far off. Timberlake, who released his top charting single “Suit & Tie” last week is said to return to the stage. This will be Justin’s first time on stage since his 2006 departure from the music world.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake will make his return to stage left for his Superbowl charity event on February 2. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, seeing as his “Suit & Tie” single is now dominating the charts right now. However, one question remains over whether or not his “Suit & Tie” collaborator Jay-Z will join him on stage for the song.

The event will be DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night which will be held in New Orleans. The charity concert is said to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children. Also on the list to perform is DJ Questlove, who will spin before and after Timberlake’s performance, and Mark Cuban, who is said to be the emcee of the night.

Timberlake is now in the process of recording his third forthcoming solo album titled The 20/20 Experience. His last album was FutureSex/LoveSounds which was released in 2006. This return to music also goes hand in hand with the launch of the new Myspace, which Timberlake is a partner in. The site is returning back to its roots by connecting musicians to their fans with a sleek new look that’s clean, and pretty neat.

Are you excited about Justin Timberlake’s upcoming performance?