Kanye West Says ‘Lines Were Crossed’ In The Feud Between Drake And Pusha T

Kanye West, who’s stirred up his fair share of controversy lately, is hoping to help end the beef between rappers Drake and Pusha T.

Yeezy, who just unveiled a surprise album with a star-studded listening party at a ranch in a remote part of Wyoming, tweeted his thoughts about the ongoing feud between his fellow collaborator and the Canadian rapper.

The bad blood between the two artists goes back nearly a decade when Pusha T took offense to Lil Wayne’s promotion of a clothing line that he sported first. Lil Wayne, of course, is responsible for mentoring Drake and signing him to his label, so Aubrey Graham seeming inherited the beef and has been sneaking in shots at Pusha T on guest tracks and his own albums. For his part, Pusha T has also called out the Young Money crew on numerous occasions, but things escalated with the rapper made a reference to the ghostwriting scandal that’s plagued Drake on his new album.

On the track, “Infrared,” Pusha T calls out Drake for using ghostwriter Quentin Miller on many of his most popular tracks. Drake has denied these claims but the jab obviously struck a nerve because the Canadian emcee dropped a track that same day, “Duppy Freestyle,” in which he accused the artist of being a hypocrite considering Drake helped Kanye West to write his album, The Life of Pablo. Drake also took shots at Pusha T’s fiance Virginia Williams. Pusha T then responded with “The Story of Adidon,” a track that alleges Drake fathered a child with former porn star Sophie Brussaux. Pusha T also called out Drake collaborator Noah “40” Shebib’s battle with multiple sclerosis.

Fans were eagerly awaiting a rebuttal from Drake after the latest freestyle but it seems West wants both rappers to end their feud. According to Complex, the artist tweeted that he has “never been about beef” and only wants love between the two.



Though many would take issue with West’s claims — he’s angered plenty of fans on Twitter for his outlandish comments claiming slavery was a choice and appearing to throw his support behind President Donald Trump despite the current administrations ongoing attacks on the black community — in this instance, we might have to admit he’s got a point. Rap beefs are as old as time itself but it’s never a good look to drag family, especially children, into the fray. While Drake has addressed Pusha T’s allegations of blackface — the rapper apparently donned the racially-insensitive look for a clothing campaign — he has yet to issue a musical comeback. Maybe the silence from his end will continue and we can all get back to enjoying the music.