Trump Attacks CNN, Mueller, Justice Department In His Tweet

In a series of tweets on Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump attacked the CNN, special counsel Robert Mueller, the Justice Department, and the Democrats in general.

President Trump started off by retweeting Robby Starbuck, a Hollywood director and producer, who owns RSM Creative. In his tweet, Starbuck cited a Forbes article, which stated that Fox News channel has beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers.

Starbuck, in his tweet, said that Fox News has been No.1 for 197 months straight. He also added that in the latest rating disaster for CNN, they lost another 25 percent of their viewers. “Fox has 10 of the top 15 shows and even hold the No.1 spot in the younger key demographics. The public is loudly rejecting CNN,” he said in his tweet.

Retweeting Starbuck, Trump said, “Real Fox News is doing great, Fake News CNN is dead!”

Almost immediately, Trump took a dig at special counsel and the Justice Department. Implying that Mueller’s investigation into collusion with Russia is turning into an expensive affair, he asked when this “very expensive Witch Hunt Hoax ever end.”

He said that the investigation is “so bad” for the country. He also subtly accused the special counsel and the Justice Department of leaking his lawyers’ letter to the “Fake News Media.” The president added that the investigation should focus on Democrat corruption.

In an early morning tweet, Trump said that the Mueller team is “stacked with anti-Trumpers, who actually represented Clinton people.”

Last May, former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III was appointed a special counsel to investigate the Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. Mueller, who was appointed by acting Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, was primarily looking into possible collusion between Russian actors and candidate Donald Trump’s team who were a part of the presidential campaign.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Mueller’s team spent about $16.7 million in over 10 months during the probe. So far, the special counsel’s team has charged three Russian companies and 19 people. A total of 13 Russians were indicted.

What Trump’s Lawyer Says

Earlier this week, President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on CNN. When host Dana Bash asked if he is confident that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign aides and the Russians, Giuliani conceded that there well may have been collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign staff and the Russians. However, he also clarified that as far as he knew, there was no talk of Russians among the campaign staff.

“I can’t be confident,” Giuliani replied. “Am I confident because I was in that campaign at a very intimate level? Nobody talked about or knew about Russians. This came as a surprise to me and to the president. You go out to the outer orbit, how do I know what is going on? I don’t think that would matter. If there is collusion with a guy 50 rungs down, if it did, I don’t know what that means,” he added.

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