Hopes Are High That The #SaveLucifer Campaign Will Bring ‘Lucifer’ Back For Season 4

Catrina Maxwell Getty Images

A quick perusal of Twitter will show that the #SaveLucifer campaign is alive and well and that fans are still wildly hopeful that FOX or another broadcaster or streaming service will bring the hugely popular drama Lucifer back for Season 4.

Upon discovering that FOX had cancelled Lucifer in May, even the show’s star Tom Ellis found himself utterly dismayed and deeply in shock, as TVLine report.

“I couldn’t have been in a higher place when I got the news. I had finished a fan convention in Rome, and I was my way back to the hotel in a mini-bus with my mates from the Supernatural cast, when I got a call from Joe Henderson. I had just left a room full of love, of adulating fans, when he said the show was over. I was like, ‘What?’ Honestly, I was a bit shocked. I went into some weird shock. I just wasn’t expecting it, it really pulled the rug. And then it really went through me, how much I cared about the show, and I was really, really sad. I couldn’t quite believe it.”

Ellis also described the huge outpouring of love from fans, showing just how popular and well-received the show had truly been, causing those who have been dedicated to Lucifer to wonder what FOX had been thinking when they pulled the plug on the show after the end of Season 3, something that has caused fans to spearhead the massive #SaveLucifer campaign that shows now signs of ending anytime soon.

“The weird thing was when the news broke, that’s when I started feeling better, because the response has been nothing short of ridiculously overwhelming. Since doing Lucifer, I’ve done press in various parts of the world, and I’m fully aware that this show is much more popular than what it had seemed to be on Fox. Our figures suggested that lots of people watch the show, just not necessarily on Fox. So in a weird way, I’m not surprised about people being angry. I just wasn’t ready this tsunami of love that came with it.”

As it turns out, even William Shatner is a big fan of Lucifer, and started a mission of his own to bring the show back from the grave, with helpful suggestions on using hashtags to show FOX and other broadcasters just how dearly fans love the show.

“#Lucifer just got into Trending in the US. My advice is to use this one hashtag for the next 3+ hours and then switch to the #SaveLucifer one.”

As the Express is now reporting, Lauren German and DB Woodside appear to both be dropping hints about the future of Lucifer. German, who plays detective Chloe Decker to perfection, recently posted one of her paintings to her Instagram account, noting that “Lucifer has ended. It was all consuming & rewarding. One thing I’m looking forward to is drawing & painting more.”

While some Lucifer fans were apparently distraught at what they perceived to be official news that the show wouldn’t be returning for Season 4, one positive viewer, in particular, chose to read Lauren’s comment a little differently, suggesting that “No, she probably means for the current season and OFFICIALLY speaking. Background talks will still be on!”

With Tom Ellis’s most recent statement on whether Lucifer will be making a comeback, the actor has said that while he is not able to publicly discuss whether conversations are happening right now, he did suggest that streaming services may certainly be a way forward for the show.

“Warner Bros are an independent studio, so there are other places we can take it and those are potentially exciting places. All I’m saying is watch this space. I’m not in a place to talk about conversations that are or are not happening. All I know is that a conversation has been sparked like this, but an obvious place would be somewhere like that [streaming services].”

As Lucifer fans are flocking to Twitter and using the hashtag #SaveLucifer to alert FOX and other broadcasters to the show’s popularity, it is to be hoped that the show will eventually make its way back to television screens everywhere for a much deserved Season 4.