Photo Of Jana Duggar Shopping For Plants Sparks Engagement Speculation

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A photo of Jana Duggar shopping for plants recently had some Counting On fans hearing wedding bells, according to In Touch Weekly. However, the 28-year-old Duggar daughter was not picking out flowers for a bridal bouquet.

On Wednesday, the Duggars shared a Facebook photo of Jana engaging in one of her favorite hobbies. In the image, she appears to be perusing the gardening section of her local Lowe’s. The avid gardener is gingerly touching a potted flower hanging over her head, and she has a big smile on her face.

“Plant shopping is some of the best kind of shopping! Just ask Jana!” read the photo’s caption.

However, there are many Duggar fans who would disagree with this sentiment. In their minds, Jana’s “best” shopping trip would involve a lot of white lace and tulle, not rows of greenery and pots full of dirt. The oldest Duggar sister currently holds the distinction of being Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s only unmarried adult daughter who is of age, and this makes her love life an endless source of fascination for fans. Before each new season of Counting On airs, there’s always speculation about whether she’s secretly engaged and trying to keep a romance under wraps for the sake of the show.

Some Redditors think there’s evidence of such a secret engagement in the photo above.

“Jana flower shopping.. I may be losing it but I swear I see a shawdow [sic] on her ring finger,” read a post about the picture on the Counting On Reddit page.

A few other Redditors also spotted a ring, but they pointed out one big problem with the original poster’s observation; the bling in question is on her right hand, not her left. It was suggested that the piece of jewelry was actually a purity ring.

“There is,” wrote one commenter. “But the engagement/wedding finger is on the left hand.”

However, another Redditor swore that a second ring that’s much harder to see is barely visible on Jana’s wedding ring finger.

“Really zoom in on the left hand I think there might be something there,” read the fan’s remark.


Many of Jana’s admirers are so desperate for her to get married because they feel sorry for her. She’s expected to live at home with her parents until her wedding day, and she can’t attend college or pursue a career. It’s thought that she spends a lot of her free time doing housework, taking care of her younger siblings, and keeping herself preoccupied with hobbies befitting of a future homemaker — like her gardening.

Fans will likely notice that Jana is alone in both of the photos above. Unfortunately, it seems as though she has few opportunities to hang out with young people her own age. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she has hinted that she gets rather lonely because some of the few people in her age range that she does know are her married siblings, and they often don’t invite her to hang out with them simply because she’s single.

“Waiting is not always easy,” Jana told Crown of Beauty magazine. “Especially in those times when all the married siblings are getting together and you can’t go along because your not part of ‘that’ group.”

To make matters worse for Jana, her conservative Christian fundamentalist parents don’t allow their daughters to date. Instead, a man who is interested in courting Jana has to first approach her father. If Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t approve of the potential suitor, Jana won’t even get to go on one chaperoned date with him.

If Jana really is rocking an engagement ring, fans will definitely get the scoop on who gave it to her when Counting On returns to TLC this summer. In the meantime, the Duggar daughter with a green thumb can take comfort in knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about losing a pricey engagement ring in the soil while she’s digging around in her garden and waiting for her prince to come.