Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Try ‘Cuddle Therapy’ To Build Intimacy After The Birth Of Their Son

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are giving “cuddle therapy” a chance to see if the practice will bond them together after the birth of their son, Gunner Stone.

Spencer Pratt Will Heal You aired the couple testing out the technique after noting that the arrival of their first baby in October of 2017 left them in an intimacy drought, according to Us Weekly.

Spencer has his own issues with cuddling, including it making him hot and giving him heat rashes. On the other hand, Spencer’s wife, Heidi, loves the closeness that cuddling brings.

Pratt said that the length of time it took for the couple to engage in the cuddle therapy session is probably the longest Heidi has not held their baby since his birth seven months ago.

“So I think Heidi’s very nervous about, ‘Why are you taking me away from our baby?'”

The 31-year-old new mom said that she’s very affectionate with Gunner Stone and holds him a lot. She reasoned that she may be getting her cuddling from him and doesn’t need as much affection from Spencer because she’s getting affection from her son.

The “cuddle therapy guru” stepped in and Spencer and Heidi tested out three different poses, including “The Resting Log,” in which Pratt laid in the fetal position with his head in Montag’s lap while she put her fingers in his ears.

According to the cuddling guru, this position can help with nurturing and increases feelings of empathy and self-reflection.

Heidi said that moment was the most affectionate the couple has been since she was three months pregnant. Montag added that she was about to cry thinking of how much she missed cuddling with Spencer and realized how important it is to her.

The cuddle session proved to be successful and won Spencer over. The former reality television villain proclaimed that he actually enjoyed cuddling.

“That’s why I love cuddling because when I cuddle, I think about how much I love you,” Heidi told Spencer.

Just last week, the couple took their son to see Taylor Swift in concert. Swift performed in front of a crowd of 60,000 during her Reputation Stadium Tour, but also took the time to cuddle Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s son, Gunner Stone, according to the Daily Mail. Heidi took to social media to share several photos of her 7-month-old son and hubby, Spencer Pratt, posing with Taylor Swift.

Taylor was donning a white robe while cradling the baby.

Heidi was seen in the background happily jumping into the photo at the last minute. The new parents also uploaded pics of the event to Gunner’s Instagram account.

Heidi added the caption, “First crush,” with a heart emoji.

Spencer and Heidi also got a chance to meet Swift’s mom. Heidi said that Taylor was the sweetest and “most amazing superstar” ever and that Taylor’s mom was an “angel.”

“Thank you so much @taylorswift for taking time to see us! You are the sweetest, most amazing superstar! We Love you! And your mom is an angel too! God bless you! P.s. best concert EVER! Also not photoshopped just a mom jumping in last min.”

Heidi shocked the world when she underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day back in 2009, as reported by Paper Magazine. The former MTV reality star ultimately regretted the major decision. After giving birth to her son, Heidi said that she barely recognizes the person that she once was — someone who risked her “own life for vanity.”