Chelsea Handler’s Bikini Body Earns Praise From Fellow Celebs

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Chelsea Handler recently gave a few of her famous Instagram followers a major case of body envy. The former talk show host used to spend a lot of time interviewing celebrities who consider working out and staying in shape a job requirement, but now some of Handler’s past guests might be wishing that they’d asked the comedienne for her for fitness advice when they had the chance.

On Monday, Chelsea Handler, 43, took to Instagram to show off her bikini body. She was vacationing in Bali when she decided to snap a mirror selfie of her two-piece swimming attire, which consisted of a black sports bra-style top and low-cut thong bottoms. The image was a profile shot that put her tight tummy on full display, and many of her followers expressed their admiration of her fit physique. As reported by Pop Culture, a few famous faces even chimed in to let her know that they were seriously impressed by her beach body.

“Abs!!!” wrote Glow actress Alison Brie.

“Dayum,” remarked Shameless star Emmy Rossum.

Comedian Rob Delaney was one of the few famous men who dared to share his thoughts on a female celebrity’s bikini photo. He wisely opted to focus on how strong and tough Chelsea looked.

“You could definitely beat me up,” he quipped.

Last Man Standing star Joely Fisher called Chelsea Handler a “show off,” but Fisher let the comedienne know that she approved of what she saw by including a few fire emojis with her comment. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner decided to give Chelsea Handler’s trainer, Ben Bruno, some credit for her muscular core.

“Abs!!! Nice, Bruno xx,” Garner wrote.

Chelsea Handler makes occasional appearances on Ben Bruno’s Instagram page, where she demonstrates some of the exercises that help keep her in such incredible shape. As reported by Well and Good, one secret to her bikini body is an “intense plank variation” that involves balancing on one arm and leg while performing a kettlebell row with her free arm. The difficult move is meant to help strengthen the core, and Handler’s bikini photo is evidence of its effectiveness.

While Chelsea Handler’s abs earned the approval of most of her Instagram followers, her butt was a different story. Her pert posterior’s size and shape sparked a debate over whether it was too big, too small, too flat, or just right.

“Call the cops someone stole your butt cheeks,” wrote a critic of her muscular glutes.

However, others were fans of her toned tush.

“What a cute little butt!” remarked one admirer.

During an appearance on Conan, Chelsea Handler talked about how hard Ben Bruno makes her work to keep her backside looking its best. As reported by AceShowbiz, she told host Conan O’Brien that she and Bruno “do a lot of butt stuff.”

“I also sleep with him sometimes,” she added.

Those who want to get a bikini body like Chelsea Handler’s might want to skip propositioning their trainer for sex and stick to doing lunges for an hour straight. According to Ben Bruno’s Instagram page, this is how he and Chelsea spent their Valentine’s Day together. Maybe it wasn’t exactly romantic, but skipping the chocolates and wine clearly paid off for Chels.