'Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood' Stars Ray J And Princess Love Release Photos Of Daughter Melody Love Norwood

Ashley Hoffman

Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood stars Ray J and Princess Love shared adorable photos of their newborn baby girl, Melody Love Norwood. Princess Love gave birth to their daughter just last week and gave OK! magazine an exclusive first look at their brand new family of three. In addition to their first family photos, Princess Love gave a tour of their daughter's decorated nursery.

Following the birth of his daughter, Ray J told OK! magazine, "This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life" and that he is overjoyed that his daughter is finally born because he was eager to start life as a dad.

Ray J and Princess Love had to wait a little longer for Melody than they had expected because Princess' labor lasted over 24 hours.

The special moment was caught on film by VH1 cameras for Ray J and Princess' baby special, according to an insider close to the couple.

"All of this is rolling for VH1 for Ray J and Princess' baby special, airing this summer."

In the days leading up to Melody's arrival, Ray J posted a music video which starred himself and his wife, Princess Love. The video was a series of candid clips that were recorded over the last nine months of Princess Love's pregnancy.

Ray J shared the touching music video with fans across social media and added the caption, "ITS TIME!! @rayjnprincess #GODISAMAZING #BABYGIRL #LOVEWINS."

Princess Love and Ray J have been vocal about their struggles with fertility and decided to keep Princess' pregnancy a secret until the end of her second trimester. Love revealed in an Instagram post that she made the decision to keep her pregnancy news a secret because she said it was "bad luck to announce too early."

"I love you Princess, get ready for our journey baby!"

R&B singer Brandy, Ray J's older sister, also posted a photo of the newborn to her Instagram, with the caption "Melody."

Back in March, Brandy and her mom, Sonja Norwood, had to skip Ray J and Princess' ice-cream themed baby shower. It was reported by People that Brandy and Sonja's absence from the special event was due to a disagreement involving Princess.

Brandy revealed in an interview that she was unable to attend the baby shower because she had to perform at a show that she had previously made a commitment to, according to VH1.

"I really wanted to be at the baby shower. I had a show, so that happened. I know my mom would just not not show up to the baby shower. There was something there that I just…I don't really ask about. You know, families get into it all the time."

Brandy said that when families feud, it can hurt a little more than when you're feuding with a friend or a regular person. The singer said that this is a new situation to the Norwood family and everybody wants "it to go right."