Duchess Meghan’s Handwriting Has Changed Since She Met Harry, Says Expert

Meghan Markle’s life completely changed after she met Prince Harry but has all of that change extended to her handwriting? One expert says yes. The Daily Mail reports that handwriting analyst, Traci Russell, said that Duchess Meghan’s signature has noticeably changed since she started dating her new royal husband.

To do her analysis, Russell compared Markle’s handwriting from a thank-you note she wrote to a fan in 2016 to her signature in a guestbook she signed when she and Harry visited Belfast in March 2018. Russell observed that Meghan’s writing in 2018 was more “informal” which reveals a more “relaxed” side to the former Suits actress. According to Russell, this shows that her relationship with Harry has made the “secretly sensitive” Meghan more “at ease.”

“It is apparent that Harry is having a very positive effect on Meghan,” she said. “Meghan is much more sensitive than people realize, and with Harry’s royal clout and protection she has been able to relax and blossom more naturally and fulfill her desire to be a humanitarian and do ‘good deeds.'”

Rusell added that, based on her handwriting, one of the things that used to concern Meghan was financial security. But now that she’s with Harry, she doesn’t have to worry about that. This will allow her to “focus” on other parts of her life that she’s passionate about.

“Meghan’s old handwriting was formal, professional and polished but showed a lot of self-control and discipline, she had a real perfectionist’s streak,” Russell continued. “She came across as being outwardly confident, and adept at creating a facade.”

But she observed that Meghan’s new signature was less “contrived” now that she was with Harry and much looser compared to her older, more calligraphic signature.

Before she became an actress on Suits, Meghan worked as a calligrapher. As Town and Country Magazine reports, years before her “big break” she worked at Paper Source, a small stationery business in Beverly Hills that specialized in decorative papers and custom print work. During her stint at Paper Source, Meghan taught calligraphy classes and advised customers on their decorative handwriting projects. She also did calligraphy for invitations and other types of celebrity correspondence. Meghan even did the wedding invitations and save-the-dates for Paul Patton and Robin Thicke’s wedding in 2005.

“I just thought Meghan did a beautiful job,” Patton said of Meghan’s work. “It really is a lost art, and it was so nice to create something without a device that doesn’t use a battery or need to be plugged in.”

In an interview with People Magazine, Paper Source’s CEO, Winnie Park, described the new duchess as someone who wholeheartedly enjoyed the creative side of her job and someone who loved helping people.

Meghan has previously discussed her love of sending a handwritten note on her now-defunct blog, The Tig. “I think handwritten notes are a lost art form,” she wrote at the time. “When I booked my first [TV] pilot, my dad wrote me a letter that I still have. The idea of someone taking the time to put pen to paper is really special.”