John McAfee Gets His Own Biopic

John McAfee sure is an exciting guy. The computer software developer is so exciting that he’s getting not one, but two biopics. The man, who invented the virus software called McAfee had a bit drama in his life and it’s enough to land the developer the center of two films.

A Canadian company called Impact Media has rights to McAfee’s story. What story may that be, you ask? Well, it’s one that sees McAfee allegedly running a meth lab in Belize before being deported, and one bein a suspect in a murder around his neighborhood.

According to Cinemablend, earlier Warner Bros. was said to have picked up the first biopic that is based on a Wired article titled, “John McAfee Fled to Belize, But He Couldn’t Escape Himself.” Apparently, according to the Hollywood Reporter, there is most likely going to be a second biopic that’s based more on McAfee’s personal memoirs rather than the speculation surrounding his life.

Sure, there have been two biopics that get released in pairs, but this isn’t a popular figure like Linda Lovelace, who got two films in Lovelace and Inferno. This is a computer software developer, who seems to have an extremely interesting life that no one knows about outside of the computer universe. In addition, Mac head Steve Jobs is also receiving his fair share of biopics. The first one, is jOBS which stars Ashton Kutcher and premieres at Sundance later in the week.

McAfee’s life story is currently titled Running in the Background, which is currently being budgeted for around $28 million.

Are you interested in seeing John McAfee’s biopic?