Man Bites Ostrich To Death In China Zoo [Video]

A man has been detained after biting an ostrich to death in a China zoo. Li, a 27-year-old man from Yunnan Province was reportedly trying to commit suicide.

According to witnesses, Li entered the enclosure at the zoo in Shaoguan City and proceeded to bite one of the ostriches. A crowd, including several small children, could only watch in horror as the man continued biting the ostrich until it died from the wounds.

The bizarre behavior did not stop when the ostrich was dead. Li reportedly slashed his wrists, then sat down, leaning against the ostrich’s corpse. As reported by, the police arrived minutes later. When authorities found Li he was described as “highly excitable” and “simulating firing a gun at policemen.”

Li was removed from the enclosure by police and transported to the hospital for treatment. According to reports he is now in stable condition, but claims that he does not remember the incident.

Authorities speculate that Li bit the ostrich to death as part of a plan to commit suicide. He was in possession of a suicide note that “urged his parents to have a good life, saying there was no need to worry about him anymore.”

Li, who was employed by a security company, has been described by friends and family as shy and reserved.

The ostrich incident comes just days after nine crocodiles in a Shezen, China zoo were killed by visitors. As reported by, the crocodiles were hibernating and were not moving around much. Visitors reportedly began throwing trash at the crocodiles in an attempt to determine if they were “alive.”

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