New England Patriots' Devin McCourty Says 'Dumb' NFL Anthem Policy Could Cause More Drama

Following the NFL's decision to implement a new national anthem rule, plenty of players have clapped back at the policy. The latest player to comment on the rule is New England Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty. He doesn't sound too fond of the new anthem policy, to say the least.

Those that do not know what the new anthem policy is, here is your opportunity to find out. Players will no longer be allowed to protest the anthem on the field, but they will be allowed to remain in the locker room should they choose to do so. The players that do come out on the field will have to stand.

McCourty made it clear that he doesn't think that this rule change is the way to handle the anthem situation, as USA Today shared.

"I just don't think that was the right way to try to lay the hammer down. The NFL is a group where you have owners and players, but it can work together, you know what I mean? We'll see how that works out, plays itself out."
He also stated that the new policy might not help solve the issue, but, in fact, could cause even more drama.
"Anytime people don't agree, you can take everything else out of it -- protests, reasons -- some people might just say, 'I don't like the rule. I want to do something to go against the rule.'"
Roger Goodell and company may be in for a battle with the players over the new policy. Players are not going to let this new policy go without some opposition. McCourty is likely right on when it comes to players deciding to go ahead and do something against the rule anyway.
President Donald Trump took aim at the NFL and the anthem kneeling protests last season. Plenty of fans also took offense to players kneeling during the anthem, taking it as an act of disrespect for veterans and the country. While some may view the protests as disrespect for the country, the players continue to refute those beliefs and state that they are simply protesting injustice in the judicial system of the United States.

Whether this change of policy will stop the drama within the NFL is unknown at this point in time. The NFL certainly seems to be a bit scared of Trump, although they can't be blamed for that after the amount of viewership that was lost in 2017.

McCourty and the rest of the NFL players that have spoken out against the new rule are not happy. Hopefully, this rule change does not lead to even more drama as McCourty believes.