'Bachelorette' Star Becca Kufrin Addresses Garrett Drama, Says She Got To Know Her Men Beyond Social Media

There's been a lot of talk this week about the alleged social media activity that Bachelorette contender Garrett Yrigoyen made before he scored Becca Kufrin's first impression rose during the premiere. While Yrigoyen has yet to address the controversy swirling around him, Becca is sharing some thoughts about the situation.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey shared a lot of detail regarding what Bachelorette contestant Garrett Yrigoyen allegedly "liked" via his Instagram page over the course of several months. Within a couple of hours of Spivey's tweets, Yrigoyen deleted his previous Instagram account and has since opened a fresh one.

So far, Yrigoyen has not shared any official statement or post acknowledging the social media posts in question. Becca Kufrin seemed to make reference to it in an Instagram post after the Bachelorette premiere and now she's speaking about it more specifically.

People shares that Kufrin chatted with Mario Lopez for Thursday's episode of ON With Mario Lopez and the topic of Garrett and his social media activity came up at one point. Lopez asked if it's right to judge someone based on what they follow or like on social media, and Becca says that social media is just a small glimpse into someone and doesn't always reflect who they truly are.

Kufrin asks Bachelorette fans to get to know the guys on her season for who they really are rather than how they appear to be on social media. In addition, she says she loved getting to know guys this season who all had different viewpoints and interests.

As Spivey has pointed out, and many Bachelorette fans agree, this situation goes beyond simple social media likes if that activity was posted by Garrett himself. Many of the posts involved are anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration, and could be categorized as racist, and one supported the false narrative that David Hogg was a crisis actor, not a true victim during the recent Parkland school shooting.

Not only are the posts involved offensive to many, they very much run contrary to what Kufrin has shared about her own personal ideals. Becca told E! News that she's only heard a bit about the supposed controversy, noting that she's been busy traveling. The Bachelorette star says that everybody is entitled to their opinion, but she hopes that people would stay open and respect both her and the guys on her season.

Kufrin went on to say that filming gave her a chance to get to know her suitors for who they really are, rather than try to make a decision on them based on their social media pages alone. Many Bachelorette fans would agree that social media shares only one perspective of who somebody is. However, most people would also point out that Yrigoyen's alleged likes in this situation seemingly say a lot about his personal belief system that appears to run contrary to Kufrin's.

Given the Bachelorette spoilers swirling about Becca and Garrett's connection this season, it's easy to see why she seems defensive of the controversy surrounding Yrigoyen and his social media activity. Will this fade away and become a non-issue for Kufrin and the show's fans or could this pave the way to more heartbreak for Becca Kufrin? Fans are rooting for her to find lasting love, but this situation with Garrett Yrigoyen is causing a lot of upheaval.