Lindsay Lohan, Party Girl No Longer, May Own A Nightclub But Won’t Go To One

Lindsay Lohan is totally ready to ditch the “party girl” image and move on with her life for good. In a new interview with Emirates Woman, Lohan confesses that she would rather not even use the word “party” anymore, saying she doesn’t even really know what that means.

“I get so uncomfortable with that word, ‘party.’ People are still stuck in the past, of the stories I had in L.A. and I hate it. It was all lies.”

Currently, Lohan resides in Dubai and appears to be a totally different person than she was portrayed in the media years ago. “Quieter,” “softly spoken,” and “refreshingly reflective” are all words that the magazine uses to describe the 31-year-old who is clearly on a new path in life. But her party girl reputation is one of the reasons why she’s decided to open two clubs in Greece — one in Athens and one in Mykonos and has plans to open one up in Dubai.

“That’s why I opened my club in Greece, because I thought what’s the one thing that people have most misconstrued about me? It was probably about me always going to clubs, and so I was just like, ‘well, I’ll make my own.’ And now I never go to clubs,” the actress dished.

When asked why she decided to move to Dubai, somewhere so far away from her New York City and Hollywood roots, Lohan says that she appreciates the fact that she hears more about current events than she does about celebrity gossip in Dubai. Over the past three years that she has lived there, she confesses that it is nice to kind of get a break from the Hollywood scene and not be photographed all the time or be questioned about what she is doing.

But it isn’t just all play and no work for Lindsay. During her time in Dubai, Lohan has been putting in work redecorating her penthouse and has also been making plans for Lohan Island(s) — with hopes of building things like restaurants, cabanas, beach clubs, and private villas.

“It’s funny because people don’t realize that I actually do work when I’m here,” Lohan says.

“But I get more done because I don’t have the scrutiny and fixation on what I’m doing every second. I work all the time; my mind never stops.”

Lohan again makes a point to say that moving to Dubai was cleansing for her soul because people in Dubai don’t just make things up to get a good story, even pointing out a recent false rumor that she “got married in Dubai.” But now, Lohan has planted roots in Dubai and only leaves if it’s for work or to see her family.

The actress plans to live overseas for the indefinite future.