Jon Stewart Slams MSNBC, Fox, And CNN For Inauguration Coverage [Video]

Jon Stewart took the mainstream media to task over their abysmal coverage of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on a recent episode of The Daily Show. In his segment, Stewart threw all the major networks under the bus for their bizarre coverage, with MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN being his main targets.

In his continuing critique of the press (a few days ago, The Daily Show‘s analysis served as a satirical jab at the media’s obsession with Michelle Obama’s bangs), Stewart lashed out at MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN for their hyper-partisan coverage of the second inauguration.

Stewart highlighted the major differences between the networks, pointing out MSNBC’s report of a “massive crowd in Washington today” while Fox branded it a “much smaller crowd than four years ago.” CNN, on the other hand, seemed obsessed with Michelle Obama’s dress.

He then shifted to coverage of Obama’s speech, lauded as “historical” and “poetic” by Lawrence O’Donnell’s panel on MSNBC, while Fox had Pat Buchanan taking issue with Obama’s inclusion of Stonewall as a significant civil rights event.

“What is remarkable to me is how even when articulating his most full-throated liberal ideals how different actual Barack Obama is from the bizarro boogieman empty chair Obama who lives only in the minds of his opponents.”

Playing a montage of Obama’s most conservative critics damning the president for his war on guns and religion, Stewart then played a clip show of every mention of God during the inaugural (he was brought up a lot) interspersed with booming cannons.

Here’s the clip, via Mediaite:

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