‘Southern Charm’ Fans Are Growing Impatient Over Thomas Ravenel Investigation At Bravo

Brianna StelloBravotv

As with many of the #metoo investigations, the Bravo/Haymaker/NBC investigation into the sexual assault and rape accusations against Thomas Ravenel, a cast member on the show Southern Charm is veiled in silence and gagged co-workers. Though fans love the show, many are growing tired of the lack of information into Ravenel’s future on the show, as it seems Bravo has fired people for far less. Many on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are wondering if it’s time to consider a boycott.

FitsNews shared that on the surface, Bravo/NBC is keeping things very cool, but that under the surface, there is panic with what to do about the Ravenel problem. Bravo knew going into the first season of Southern Charm that Ravenel had a record and was on probation from federal cocaine charges, but at this time there is no suggestion that anything else was going on.

On the first week of May, Haymaker, the Southern Charm production company released a statement that they were taking the matter of the Charleston Police investigation seriously.

“Haymaker, the production company for Southern Charm, and Bravo take allegations like these very seriously. Haymaker is conducting an investigation, and once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed, appropriate action will be taken.”

So fans waited for some update on the matter. Many were hopeful that when Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover of Southern Charm were on WWHL with Andy Cohen, that callers might get somewhere by asking questions on the late night chat show, but as predicted, Cohen cut this off at the pass by having Kathryn and Craig both share jurist-crafted statements at the top of the show.

“Well, I’m waiting until the investigation is complete before I comment on anything, and right now my kids are my focus.”

And Conover added his bit, claiming that he knew very little anyway.

“Yeah, all I know is what I see in the media so it really wouldn’t be right for me to say anything at this point. I’m aware – everyone else is.”

Fans think that the cast is holding out on them, but they are being kept in the dark too, and likely won’t know Ravenel’s status until he shows up or doesn’t in two weeks to shoot the show’s reunion.

The Charleston Police are continuing their investigation and one person who has spoken to the detectives recently say that police are concerned by how many non-disclosure agreements Ravenel has with people related to him and the show.

Southern Charm fans are suggesting on Twitter that Bravo wouldn’t have to look farther than social media to see evidence that Ravenel threatened women online saying he would “beat her grotesque face” for giving him a suggestion.

“Rape accusations aside, this man is threatening women in plain sight. Does Bravo condone violence? @Andy @Bravotv @WSUDLERSMITH#SouthernCharm #TheGoodOlBoysClubIsDying #BoycottSouthernCharm #ThomasRavenel #FireRavenel #TimesUp”

Others commented on the double standard after cast members on RHOA were dismissed for far less.

“Let me get this straight. @PhaedraParks gets fired for spreading rumors about drugs and rape, but @Thomasravenel is accused of ACTUAL drugging and raping, and @Bravotv does nothing? #doublestandards #RHOA #SouthernCharm”

Thomas Ravenel has had legal run-ins with women over the years which was documented recently, including conflicts over broken engagements to marry. Bravo and Haymaker have not indicated when they will make a decision on the future of Ravenel’s employment.