‘Roseanne’ Cast Reportedly Holds ‘Emergency Meeting’ About A Possible Spinoff Show

The Roseanne cast is allegedly refusing to give up on their show, or their fans. The stars of the show, minus Roseanne Barr, might be tossing around ideas for possible spinoffs following the shocking cancellation of the show.

According to a May 30 report by Radar Online, the cast of the show has called an “emergency meeting” in hopes of figuring something out about the future of their characters. Sources tell the outlet that Roseanne Barr’s former co-stars are brainstorming ideas about how to keep the show alive after ABC canceled the hit comedy series on Tuesday.

“The cast is meeting today because they refuse to give up on their fans, or the family that they were building with each other.”

As previously reported by the Inquistir, Roseanne was canceled by ABC president, Channing Dungey, on Tuesday due to the nature of Barr’s recent tweets. The actress wrote insensitive and offensive comments about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett via her social media page and paid the ultimate price for her words. Although Roseanne did go on to apologize to Valerie and fans, the apology wasn’t enough to repair the damage that had been done.


Following the news of the Roseanne cancellation, many of Barr’s co-stars spoke out about the actress’s comments. Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene Conner on the show, revealed that she was sad, but that Roseanne’s opinions do not reflect that of the rest of the cast.

Michael Fishman, who portrayed the character of DJ Conner on the show, says that the day of the cancellation was one of the “saddest” days of his life. Meanwhile, actress Emma Kenney claims she had planned to quit the series before learning that ABC had canceled the show.


However, many fans have been begging the Roseanne cast to figure out a way to continue the show without Barr’s presence. Sources claim that the cast is now weighing their options.

“Since the show was called Roseanne, they do not know how they would replace her, or if it would even work without her, but they have all gotten so much feedback asking them to rebrand and continue with the same cast,” minus Barr.

Fans have taken to Twitter to pitch the cast members ideas about a spinoff series without Roseanne. The show could be titled The Conners, and focus on the rest of the family after the death of their matriarch. Other spinoff ideas include a show featuring Darlene and Becky as they try to get their lives in order, or a show all about Roseanne’s wacky sister, Jackie, as actress Laurie Metcalf is beloved by many fans of the series.

Roseanne was scheduled to return to ABC this fall, but the lineup has been shaken up in the wake of Barr’s Twitter scandal.