Donald Trump Wonders Why ABC’s Bob Iger Never Apologized To Him

The dialogue of the revived sitcom Roseanne was laden with politics. Roseanne Barr made sure that the script held a strong bias favoring Donald Trump. It has recently been reported by the Inquisitr that there was controversy surrounding Roseanne and her beliefs as soon as the pilot aired. When one mixes personal beliefs with business, there is bound to be some backlash.

Donald Trump, the president himself, placed a personal phone call to congratulate Roseanne Barr on the immediate success of her show’s reboot. Following the gesture, many individuals slammed Trump for making time to reach out to Roseanne, an obvious ally to his administration.

One Twitter user claimed that “Trump doesn’t have the time to call the family of dead US servicemen killed in action,” but, he can make some time to call Rosanne Barr in regards to her television success. Another Twitter user mentioned that Trump didn’t have time to call and fire Rex Tillerson, yet he managed to find the time to call Roseanne about her show.

Deadline reported Roseanne’s debut was deemed to be the highest rated sitcom bringing in more than 18 million viewers. That success, however, has gone down the drain with one reportedly racist tweet, comparing Valerie Jarrett’s looks to something out of Planet of the Apes.

Roseanne Barr began a Twitter rant on Monday, and by the time she was finished with it, she had lost the respect of millions of Americans and received a cancellation notice from ABC.

In the very beginning, the Roseanne series was groundbreaking. It gave a totally different viewpoint in regards to working-class America. After Barr’s Twitter rampage, the series is now breaking ground in a different way, dead and buried, taking the rest of the cast and crew down with it.

Resulting from the most recent controversy, ABC’s Bob Iger called to personally apologize to Valerie Jarrett for the remarks that have ultimately shed a bad light on the network through his connection to the rebooted sitcom. Donald Trump took to Twitter today, making reference to Iger’s apology.

Considering the possibility that he “just didn’t get the call,” Trump wondered why he has never received an apology for the “horrible” things said about him on the network. The response has been astounding. Since posting the tweet, it has received approximately 61,000 likes and just as many comments.

ABC canceled the second season of the reboot of the show. Stemming from the backlash that currently surrounds Roseanne and her show, Hulu has now removed all of the show’s previous episodes.

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