Elizabeth Hurley Talks Plastic Surgery, Bikini Diet, And Exercise Tips

Actress Elizabeth Hurley has earned raves for her stunning bikini body at age 52, which she maintains with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But The Royals star draws the line at plastic surgery and facial fillers, which she says scare her.

“Plastic surgery? I’d be too scared [to get it]!” Hurley told Grazia. “Fillers? Forget about it! But I have had Botox in my forehead.”

Elizabeth, who often posts bikini selfies on Instagram to the delight of her legions of fans, says it’s important for people to see that women can still be vibrant and attractive as they age.

“It’s really important for 50-something women to see other 50-year-old women [as sexy],” Hurley said. “I don’t feel there’s a cut-off anymore when you’re no longer relevant and can’t work.”

Not Obsessive About Diet Or Exercise

If anything, Liz’s career has taken off after she turned 45. But the British beauty works hard to maintain her age-defying looks, with an organic, portion-controlled diet and exercise, as the Inquisitr has reported.

Moderation is her beauty secret, Hurley said. “I’m not a vegan who lives on green juices, I don’t go to the gym religiously,” she said. “Yes, I do yoga and Pilates.”


Hurley maintains her slim bikini body by eating high-quality, organic foods and not overeating.

“You have to watch what you eat,” she said. “I don’t do all that green juice, I don’t really take vitamins. I buy everything from a local farmer’s market and health-food shops. I eat very little processed food.”


Hurley still enjoys her favorite desserts and snacks but doesn’t eat gigantic portions. “If my jeans feel tight I try to cut back a bit, and if I stay home in the evening I’ll eat a very light dinner,” she said.

Liz, who has a 16-year-old son named Damien, denied tabloid rumors that her son is mortified by her sexy bikini selfies. Hurley has her own swimwear line, which is why she frequently models her own clothing on social media.

“That’s all fiction!” she said. “My son is incredibly supportive of me and my beachwear business and of me as an actor and the breadwinner of our family of two.”

Elizabeth Hurley is not the only celebrity rocking a hot body after age 50. Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson has a sizzling bikini body at 54 thanks to diet and exercise. “Being active is important from a wellness point of view,” Macpherson said.