Is ‘Counting On’ Star Joseph Duggar’s Brother Secretly Courting Wife Kendra’s Sister Lauren?

Joseph Duggar and wife Kendra are not only expecting their first baby in the coming months, rumor has it they may also be adding to their family in a unique way via a new relationship in the Counting On clan.

Kendra’s sister Lauren is reportedly courting Joe’s brother Jedidiah. Before her relationship with Joseph turned to love and marriage, Kendra was courted by Jedidiah Duggar, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

The two broke off their courtship when it was allegedly deemed that Kendra was better suited for Joe, leaving Jedidiah without a mate. The 19-year-old reality star was soon matched with Kendra’s younger sister Lauren, whom Counting On viewers were introduced to during Joe and Kendra’s wedding planning episodes.

Lauren Caldwell, at the age of 18, is of the age when a young woman can begin courting in the Duggar’s fundamentalist religion, and users of the social media site Reddit debated her rumored relationship with Jedidiah in a recent fan forum.

In a conversation about which one of the Duggar men will end up with Lauren, the majority of the votes went to Jedidiah. One fan stated, “Jedidiah. He couldn’t get Kendra so he’d probably go after her younger sister.”

Another fan quipped of the matchup, “Not sure who, but she will be a Duggar because her teeth are nice and straight and she has fundie hair! She is in for sure.”

Kendra and Lauren grew up in the same town as the Duggar clan, Fayetteville, AR, and were raised in the same strict religious environment as the Duggars.

Paul Caldwell is a pastor at the Lighthouse Baptist Church where the ultra-religious Duggars frequently attend church services. Although not as large as the Duggar clan, the Caldwell clan numbers seven children, including Kendra, Lauren, Micah, Nathan, Timothy, Olivia, and Jesiah. Only Lauren and Kendra have appeared on the popular TLC reality series.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar were married in September 2017 after a quick courtship and became pregnant shortly thereafter. The newlywed couple is expecting their first child together. It was revealed the couple will be having a boy, and he will arrive on or near Father’s Day 2018. Kendra remarked to Us Weekly about expanding their brood after the birth of their son.

“We would love to have more kids if the Lord blesses us,” she told Us Weekly. “As many as He wants to give us, we’ll be happy to take them.”