Amazon Kindle Gets Upgraded With 85% More Battery Power, PDF Abilities

Amazon today showed off their newest Amazon Kindle update, an option that provides users with 85% more battery life and support for PDF files which were previously left off the devices support file type list.

The battery update adds 85% more reading time to the unit, approx. 7 days worth, instead of the previous 4, although sleep mode will still provide the same amount of time. Users should also be aware that only 2nd generation and higher Kindle units will benefit from the “power management” update.

The Kindle and Kindle 2 can also now copy PDF files via USB and view those files on the the units, while also converting PDF files to Kindle supported formats.

According to Slipperybrick:

This PDF support is basic: it’s not easy to zoom, create bookmarks and the PDF files can’t be indexed for search.

Both improvements are much needed updates, especially when considering the companies new competition from such devices as the Barnes and Noble Nook eReader.