Scott Peterson, Convicted Of Murdering Wife Laci, Gets A New Mugshot

Scott Peterson, the man convicted of killing his wife Laci and their unborn son Connor, has gotten his latest mugshot taken at San Quentin State Prison in California. The rule at San Quentin says that convicts have to have new mugshots taken every seven years in order to properly identify inmates. Peterson was arrested for murdering his pregnant wife in their Modesto, California, home back in 2002.

TMZ says that Scott Peterson is still on death row after a jury convicted him of premeditated murder back in 2004. Peterson’s case is currently on appeal, but sources said there is almost no chance that the convicted killer will get a new trial.

InTouch Magazine says that Peterson has applied for a habeas corpus appeal based on the idea that his lawyer did not call certain critical witnesses to the stand during the case. Peterson also claims that a juror lied while the jury for the trial was being seated. Peterson claims that his criminal defense attorney, Mark Geragos, did not provide an adequate defense and that a juror, Richelle Nice, did not disclose that she had personally been assaulted while she was pregnant years before Laci Peterson was murdered.

Scott Peterson’s father, Lee, says that his son has found some peace behind bars at San Quentin State Prison.

“Scott is doing wonderfully. He’s found a life behind bars. We talk all the time and he’s always in good spirits.”

A journalist, Nancy Mullane, says that Scott Peterson, now 45, is hardly miserable behind bars and gets to work out and play ball despite being on death row.

“When I saw Scott, he was playing basketball. He didn’t look depressed. He looked like someone you’d see on the street playing basketball. He had his shirt off and his boxer shorts up. He wasn’t ripped, but he looked healthy. He was having a good time.”

Peterson’s new legal team says there is no evidence that links the body of Laci Peterson to her husband Scott, reports Daily Mail. But the appeal filed by the Peterson legal team has been pending for a decade, and there is no sign that Scott Peterson will get a new trial anytime soon. Peterson denies that he had anything to do with Laci’s death or disappearance, and says that he is still devastated by the loss.

“It was just like this amazing, horrible, physical reaction that I had. I couldn’t feel my feet on the floor. I couldn’t feel the chair I was sitting in. My vision was even a little blurry.”

Scott Peterson will not face the death penalty until his appeals are exhausted.

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