‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 29 Recap: Chloe Kills Mateo, Eve Does The Right Thing, Wilson Connection, Gabi Trouble

Since Monday’s episode of Days of our Lives didn’t air due to NBC’s coverage of the French Open, today marks the beginning of the week for viewers of the show.

Today’s episode of Days begins with Victor stopping Sonny as he walks through the main room of the Kiriakis mansion. Sonny has to tell Victor about Leo’s sexual harassment lawsuit. Victor assures that Sonny isn’t the first one to make a misjudgment, but Sonny was careless. Unfortunately, with the new merger of companies, Victor cannot cut Sonny any slack and terminates his employment, effective immediately.

As Victor calls an emergency board meeting, Sonny answers a text from Will and heads over to see him and Arianna.

Days of our Lives viewers smiled as they watched Will and Ari playing. They painted their faces and battled each other in candy land. Lucas comes to Will’s room to see his son and granddaughter, telling Will that Gabi’s conviction has been overturned. Will explains to his father that it was Sonny who held their child every night as she cried for Gabi. It is only right that they wait to tell Ari about her mother. As soon as Sonny arrives, they tell Ari that her mom is coming home.

Leo has turned out to be a “money-grubbing opportunist.” Will feels bad for what Sonny is going through. Days of our Lives fans felt some sparks as Will placed his hand on top of Sonny’s.


At Statesville prison, Gabi is in the process of thanking God for hearing her prayers when Diane walks into the infirmary. Gabi pleads with Diane to simply let her go home, to which her assailant replies that she will be sending her there in a body bag.

Gabi struggles but ultimately Diane gets the upper hand and chokes Gabi until she passes out. When Gabi wakes up, Days viewers are stunned to see that Diane is laying on the floor next to her. There is a syringe sticking out of Diane’s neck, and it isn’t made clear whether or not Diane is alive. It is possible that Gabi will be facing even more murder charges in the near future.

While searching for Chloe Lane, Paul and John run into Mateo. Thanks to Theresa’s phone call, he has been warned of their arrival. The rescue team is in some serious trouble. Mateo refuses to release Chloe or tell them where she is.

Chloe takes the knife that she found in Miguel’s belt and kills Mateo before he has the chance to shoot John and Paul. The drug lord’s men claim that they will find Chloe anywhere she goes. Knowing the Days character’s luck, this may not be too far from the truth.

Once free, Paul calls Will to tell him that he is on his way home. Will is happy to hear from Paul, although it seems as if there is still some connection happening between Sonny and Will.


Chloe also calls Lucas and gives him credit for her freedom. If he hadn’t realized that there was something off about the way that she left, she would still be held captive. She claims that she is coming home to him, and they can talk in person.

Days of our Lives viewers have been anxiously waiting for the resolution of the Donovan sister drama.

Brady has made his decision, and it appears as if he has chosen Eve. He doesn’t want to keep the sisters in limbo waiting for him to choose between them. Brady begins to talk about how much they both mean to him but before he can divulge who he wants to be with, Eve calls a timeout. She has something to say first.

Eve says she is going to step aside because she believes that Tate needs his mother.

“What kind of person would I be if I broke up a family that he never got a chance to know?”

After thanking Eve, Theresa tells Brady that they should leave and give her sister some time alone, but Brady refuses to leave his fiancée’s side. He wants to speak to her alone and tells Theresa to go back to the house. Eve assures Brady that she has to be okay for Tate. Brady asks if her sister said something to change her mind and pleads with her to talk to him about it.

“My decision had nothing to do with anything that Theresa had to say.”

Eve explains to Brady that her sister showed a “selfless act of bravery” and shouldn’t be punished for it. Eve is going to try to emulate that, and yes, it is a sacrifice because in being selfless, she has to give him up. She gives her engagement ring back to Brady.

Back at the mansion, Victor can sense that there is something bothering Theresa. He insists that she open up to him about anything that could come between her and Brady. She tells Victor about leaving Chloe in Mexico with Mateo. Days viewers were not surprised over Victor’s lack of empathy for Chloe. He believes that she has “made her bed” and deserves everything that she is getting.

As Brady is walking into the main room of the Kiriakis mansion, he overhears Victor telling Theresa that he won’t say a word about what they were talking about. When asked about the secret, Victor lied and told his grandson that they were talking about his elation over the family reunion.

Days of our Lives fans will have to wait for another episode to find out what happens when Chloe comes back to Salem and finds out that Theresa isn’t dead after all.