Josh Brolin & Wife Kathryn Drop Pregnancy Bomb On Instagram

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Josh Brolin and wife Kathryn just dropped their big news on Instagram — they are expecting their first baby!

The Deadpool 2 actor made the sudden announcement on Tuesday morning, with a picture of his wife in the outdoors. Josh couldn’t hide his excitement with Kathryn’s baby bump clearly visible.

“There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s no bigger than a sweet potato. Hang on to your hats.”

She would be Brolin’s first child with Kathryn, whom he wed in September 2016. He has two children from his marriage with first wife Alice Adair. He was also married to Diane Lane from 2004 to 2013.

Brolin’s Instagram post has already drawn a flurry of congratulatory responses, his fans being the first to wish him the best for his new adventure. This comes soon after the actor was trolled viciously for his last post on the platform, in which he had posted a candid picture of his wife from behind. In the picture, Kathyrn could be seen topless, which invited the wrath of the internet’s moral militia.

People bashed him for what they claimed was a sneaky picture. Some accused Brolin of having taken a picture without his wife’s permission, which, in any case, is a laughable theory. One wonders how he could post a sneaky picture for the world to see without his wife knowing about it first.

Hopefully, the new post where Josh and Kathryn have announced their baby will be one which would shut the trolls for good.

Fortunately for Josh, he also seems to have reached a point in his life where he could not be much bothered about what internet trolls have to say about his relationship with his wife. Rewind to a decade earlier, when he had found it difficult to maintain his relationship with Diane, during which he had himself admitted entering a “destructive path.” Just about a few years ago, the No Country for Old Men actor confessed that he had even considered quitting acting for good, according to The Guardian.

But now times have changed and Josh Brolin seems a much happier man. Less than two years into his marriage with Kathryn Boyd, the couple are already on their way to having their first baby. As Brolin told E! News about the preparations for his wedding during the time, he couldn’t stop himself from being excited about all the little things.

“I’m the guy who has to force himself to back off!” he had said. “I’m such a control freak and I want to control everything.”

“It’s not even that I want to control it—I just want to be in the middle of it,” he added.

Now as much as ever, Josh and Kathryn are definitely in the middle of it.